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NFL Power Rankings Week 2: Bill establishes dominance, Eagles rise

The NFL season tends to mirror the draft process, which often takes on a life of its own after much work has been done and common knowledge has been established. There are inevitably “latecomers” on both counts, but there are also die-hard teams and players who have always intended to be the best team, but for whatever reason, discount or reduce them for the sake of the sport. I am telling myself.

Teams in particular inevitably go through troughs during the long season, and they tend to punish themselves for not playing their best football in November and December.

It’s important to keep that in mind, as we’re seeing the Bills torch their opponents to the brim as they’ve done over the first two weeks of the season. What happened Monday night and the Thursday before that, when at one point Josh Allen had a handful of bad games that left him wondering if Buffalo had what it took? Let’s remember