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NFL Scores, Schedules, Week 5 Live Update: Taysom Hill Explodes with 4 Touchdowns.Rookie Bucks Run Wild

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It’s Week 5 of the 2022 NFL season. Stay up to date on all the action and biggest stories throughout the day. The Week 5 slate has some great matchups and stories starting with the Giants and Packers in London. Check back often to find out everything you need to know.

Week 5 Schedule


Colts 12, Broncos 9 (OT) (takeout)


Giants 27, Packers 22 (London) (takeout)
Vikings 29, Bears 22 (Recap)
Patriots 29, Lions 0 (takeout)
Bills 38, Steelers 3 (takeout)
Chargers 30, Browns 28 (recap)
Texans 13, Jaguars 6 (Recap)
Saints 39, Seahawks 32 (Recap)
Jets 40, Dolphins 17 (Recap)
Buccaneers 21, Falcons 15 (Recap)
Titans 21, Commanders 17 (Recap)
49ers at Panthers, 4:05 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
Eagles v Cardinals, 4:25 PM ET (Gametracker)
Cowboys at Rams, 4:25 PM ET (Gametracker)
Bengals at Ravens, 8:20 PM ET (Preview)


Raiders at Chiefs, 8:15 PM ET (Preview)

No points for the first quarter of the card yet

Inexplicably, the Cardinals have yet to score in the first quarter of the season. 5 games scoreless in 15 minutes. The fact that they went 2-2 on Sunday is pretty remarkable.

Stunning career first catch

Tutu Atwell has been plagued with injuries since joining the Rams as a second-round pick in 2021, but he’s the big-play threat he showed in the first quarter on Sunday. The Rams needed someone to make a play, and the 5-foot-9 speedster delivered by pulling Matthew Stafford’s perfectly thrown ball for a 54-yard pickup.

RB Moss CB

Tevin Coleman is only 6-foot-1, but he played like he was 6-foot-5 when he leapt over Miles Hartsfield and made a 30-yard catch.

scoop & score

Demarcus Lawrence did not wait for the offense to take the field and try to score the first points of the game. Instead, Lawrence picked up the ball after a strip sack from Dolan Armstrong Jr. and carried it home 19 yards away less than two minutes into the game.

Taysom Hill is ELECTRIC

The Saints earned a much-needed victory over the Seahawks on Sunday. This is almost entirely thanks to Tatham Hill. He scored four touchdowns, whether it was one, two or three, as New Orleans outlasted Seattle in a 39-32 thriller. His final statline: 9 carries for 112 yards, 3 scores on the ground with a 22-yard touchdown pass. If New Orleans hopes to contend for a playoff spot this season, it needs to rely more on Hill as it did on Sunday.

Spine INT

The Commanders went 1-4 after looking for the win in the second half of the fourth inning after Carson Wentz threw a terrible interception on the goal line. This marked his sixth interception in five games. Meanwhile, the Titans are on top of the AFC South with his three-game winning streak.

Another rookie RB TD

Rookies James Cook and Dameon Pierce scored touchdowns today, but Kenneth Walker III is now on that list. Injured Rashard He put a heavy load on Penny, breaking through the middle in the second round and running untouched for a 69-yard touchdown.

FG that wins the game is useless

Brandon Staley nearly gave the Browns the win after the Chargers’ 4-down attempt fumbled on their own territory. But the defense stepped up, and rookie Cade York’s 53-yard field goal attempt went wide right. Los Angeles moved to his 3-2.

Another red zone INT

Jacoby Brissett was competent for the Browns through the first three-quarters of games this season. But during the final frame, and more specifically, once the match started, Deshawn Watson’s fill-in was horribly upset. An ugly, ugly interception that gives Cleveland a chance to take the lead with less than three minutes remaining.

genoa gain

Shockingly, the Seahawks have one of the most fun offenses we’ve seen so far this season. It was basically just Gino Smith deep throwing his DK his Metcalfe and Tyler Rocket and it was glorious. Smith delivered his pass to the Rockets, this time he had another original touchdown for 40 yards.

This is the Taysom Hill we know and love. Not only did he rush for his 7th for 51 yards, but Adam Trautman he scored for 22 yards.

Shootout Browns-Chargers

Last season, the Browns scored 89 points against the Chargers in a 47-42 victory over Los Angeles. There will be another shootout on Sunday as the team amassed a total of 55 points by the time they entered the fourth quarter. The latest score came courtesy of Kareem Hunt, who gave Cleveland the lead back on his two-yard score.

Daimi x 2

Who is Dyami? Commanders wideout Diami Brown, a third-round pick from North Carolina in 2021. Of course you don’t know him. In his first 19 games, he had just 13 catches for 171 yards and zero touchdowns. He’s already got his 105 yards on Sunday’s receiving and his first two career touchdowns.

Delivered by Zappe

Sunday New England is full of patriots. And while rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe didn’t play offense, he was a competent understudy for Mack Jones. Zappe completed 16 of his 19 passes for 165 yards and an interception as he completed one and this Jacobi took advantage of his touchdown on target to Myers. I spread it.

First career TD

Hats off to Belles Jones Jr. of the Bears, who scored his first career touchdown with a dump-off jet sweep to keep the Bears within one.

first job INT

No, Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence tried to force a pass into his zone from the 7-yard line where he was second and he ended at first, but Derek, the 3rd overall pick in this year’s draft, was named Stingley. threw a pass. Lawrence made a big mistake and the game ended in a draw.

Rocket calms the crowd

The Saints looked poised to enter halftime with the lead. I threw in and had a 35-yard touchdown in the final seconds.

Josh Allen is insane

It looks like Josh Allen is playing Madden with ease. He has his 348 yards and his four touchdowns against a Steelers defense that entered the contest by allowing 251.5 passing yards per game…in two quarters. What’s even crazier is that Allen has only completed his 14 passes. This is his 24.9 yards per completion, just off the explosive charts.

138 vs 10

That was Justin Jefferson’s stat line in the first half: 10 receptions for 138 yards (10 targets). One of, if not the best wide receiver in football, is against the Bears.

welcome the day?

Anything is possible, of course, but I doubt we’ll see a better catch today than the one Darnell Mooney made against the Vikings.

Have a nice day Gabe Davis!

An ankle injury delayed Gabe Davis through the first month of the season. He missed Week 2 and in the games played, for 138 yards he managed only eight receptions. Well, he sure looks healthy against the Steelers because he’s got 160 yards in the first half he’s already got 98 yards and he’s got 62 touchdowns per catch 80 yards on average. that’s ridiculous.

cousins ​​on fire

Kirk Cousins ​​in Golden Time? No, thanks. Kirk Cousins ​​Overseas? Not ideal. But Kirk Cousins ​​at 1pm ET? That’s where the Vikings quarterback shines, and he’s been perfect against the Bears so far. He completed 17 consecutive passes to start the game. That’s a franchise record. With Minnesota in full control, those completions resulted in 176 yards and a touchdown.

wentz bomb

Commander’s attacks have been inadequate for the past two weeks. Carson Wentz was looking to change that in Week 5 and asked second-year wideout Diami Brown to do so, and with Brown covering him one-on-one, Wentz was perfect. He hit a nice deep ball that his wideout caught in his stride for a 75-yard score.

Rookie RB goes free

Second-round rookie Bryce Hall is improving week after week with the Jets and has already made a big play in the first half against the Dolphins. No one from the backfield picked up the hole, leading to an easy pitch and catch that went down 79 yards to the Miami 1-yard line. Michael Carter then found the end zone to put New York up his double digits.

Ekeler goes to the race

In desperate need of spark, the Chargers got it from Austin Ekeler. Austin Ekeler made his one cut and raced for 71 yards. However, credit is given to Greg Newsome II. He tracked down Ekeler before crossing the goal line, eventually saving four points as Los Angeles had to settle for a field goal.

jeno is still cooking

Geno Smith is One of the NFL’s greatest stories Four weeks later, he’s off to another great start against the Saints. Two passes, two completions, 65 yards, and this 50-yard strike to DK Metcalfe on a Seahawks-leading run.


The 4th overall pick is more than just a lockdown cover cornerback. Source Gardner was also able to play in the backfield, and Teddy Bridgewater learned the hard way in the first snap of the game. forced proper grounding. It’s safe! 2-0 Jets.

can’t stop chub

Nick Chubb might be the best pure running back in the NFL, so the Chargers might want to round up the Browns’ three-time Pro Bowler. On this play, Chubb got out of his one tackle, dodged another, bounced off a third tackle, and then rummaged down the right flank for a 41-yard touchdown, so it was It didn’t happen.

98 yards!

A potentially disastrous start turned out to be perfect for the Bills. After Taiwan Jones muffed the opening kickoff and then backed up Buffalo at their own 2-yard line, Joshua Allen hovered over the heads of two Steelers defenders and did it by dropping a dart into the hands of Gabe Davis. An explosive wideout made it the rest of the way for a 98-yard touchdown on the opening drive.

Berkeley fights back

After being sidelined for some time with a shoulder injury, Giants running back Saquon Barkley returned in a big way in the second half of Sunday’s game against the Packers.Barkley’s 41-yard catch-and-carry setup his go ahead touchdown run Midway through the fourth quarter.

Giants TD ‘Trick or Treat’

Daniel Bellinger’s touchdown run was a treat for Giants fans as a tight end score cut New York’s deficit to 17-10 in the second quarter. Bellinger’s score was off the next reserve play, so the score was the result of some trickery by Brian Dabor’s attack. 40 yard run by Berkeley.

Tight end Marcedes Ruiz entered the end zone for his first touchdown since the 2020 season, as Green Bay added their second touchdown of the first half in London on Sunday. Lewis’ score saw the Packers lead the Giants 17-3 in his two 3-1 team matchups.

No rain in sight for the fifth week

If you’re in any kind of fantasy league, it’s always worth checking the weather.

Last week, the wreckage of Hurricane Ian brought heavy rain to the Jaguars-Eagles game in Philadelphia and the Bills-Ravens showdown in Baltimore. Rain is usually bad for fantasy, and especially bad for kickers, but when the 1pm game started last weekend, the Eagles’ Jake and his Elliott were in my starting line-up. . Unsurprisingly, he flopped.

For fantasy purposes or not, if you’re worried about bad weather in Week 5, don’t worry. As of Friday afternoon, at least according to Rotowire’s weather forecast, 9 of the 15 games scheduled for Sunday and Monday will be sunny, 3 will be partly cloudy, and 3 will be at the Dome, where optimal conditions can be expected. is done in Out of all the contests, he’s the only one that can rain on kickoff. It’s the Texans against the Jaguars in Jacksonville… 2% rainy percent. Don’t expect wind to be a big factor, according to RotoGrinders chief meteorologist Kevin Roth.

What I’m really trying to say is that if your favorite team (or fantasy team) loses week 5, the only people on the field (or in the lineup) are to blame .