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NHL and Adidas Unveil Reverse Retro 2022 Jersey Collection

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Let the discussion begin.

Two years after the NHL and adidas partnered to release the first league-wide alternate jersey program under the Reverse Retro banner, a new installment was announced.

Now that the Seattle Kraken expansion has been added to the mix, fans can feast their eyes on a set of 32 new designs imaginatively remixing nostalgic elements of the past with fresh new ones.

NHL Chief Brand Officer and Senior Executive Vice President Brian Jennings said: “I’ve worn it about two to eight times. As a brand, we pretty much have permission to go out and have fun, right?

“This time around, any team can lean into it and say, ‘Okay, I get it.’

Again, much of the jersey is drawn from the club’s history. The 80’s and his 90’s logo and design elements stand out. This means the logos of the legendary fisherman of the New York Islanders, the bear head of the Boston Bruins, and the purple and gold crown of the Los Angeles Kings are back, but for the first time using a white background. I’m here.

Textures are incorporated into many designs. Stripes are reimagined. New colors are also introduced, including the eye-catching light blue that represents the city of Montreal, first used as the base color for the classic Canadiens logo.

The juxtaposition of old and new is meant to bring together two disparate demographics.

For fans who lived in an earlier era, this jersey is a nod to days gone by, seeing 21-year-old Joe Thornton sporting a Boston bear’s head or six-time Vezina winner Dominic Hasek. It brings back memories like watching the Buffalo Sabers do acrobatics. fold.

At the same time, the design embraces current fashion trends that catch the eye of Gen Z.

Newer franchises like Kraken and Vegas Golden Knights don’t have the same history. Kraken opted to accentuate the sea green that is part of the main color scheme, while the Golden Knights capture the vibe of what his third jersey would look like in 1995. I aimed to A classic Vegas strip hotel, glow-in-the-dark stars hidden in the letters, visible in the dark or black light for extra sparkle.

“They know their brand and they certainly know what this program is trying to achieve,” Jennings said. When they come out and skate, you can imagine it creates its own buzz.”

The first iteration of Reverse Retro launched in November 2020, but amid early challenges caused by the pandemic, league executives and medical experts worked out the logistics to kick off the 2020-21 season. The NHL was suspended for trying to Once the game started, limited fan participation and intra-division matchups restrained the program’s development to some extent. The creativity of Reverse Retro became such a hit that it revived in a relatively short period of time.

This time, the regular 82-game schedule is back for the second year. These dates include Reverse Retro his matchup his night lineup starting November 2 when the Sabers host the Penguins in Pittsburgh.

Jennings said the new collection has a healthy balance of bright and dark designs that will allow opposing teams to wear reverse retro uniforms on the same night. And in addition to the interesting details of his design on the main jersey, many teams have incorporated additional elements such as special fonts for nameplates and numbers, design details that appear on pants, socks, gloves and helmets. I’m in. Players wear suits.

“I call it discovery,” said Jennings. “Something he sees in 2D, right? Then he can see something in 3D. Then you get up close and you start looking at some of the design elements, and frankly, these sweaters All the little touches and details that make it special.

One common denominator is common to all 32 designs. This time, the NHL Shield logo at the neck of each jersey returns to the league’s previous vintage orange and black color scheme. In 2005, it was replaced with the current silver and black combination.

Prices for the Reverse Retro Jersey range from $190-240 in the US and $210-260 in Canada. Available November 15th exclusively at,,, and Team His stores.