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NHL Betting Market Report: Monday 17th October Daily Picks, Advice

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Welcome to our daily NHL betting market report. Your source for comprehensive and dynamic hockey betting analysis. We do NHL handicapping every day, so follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.

Market Report for Monday, October 17

wrap up: Vancouver was -125 to -135 in my biggest bet on Saturday. They also caught a lot of steam and closed somewhere between -160 and -170 depending on where you looked.Of course they blew his 2-0 lead over the Philadelphia Flyers. I was. Luckily, his other three bets (Blues, King and Flames) were cashed.

victory: 8 loss: Five Obtained unit: Plus 0.91 units ROI: 7.1 percent

Betstamp: We track all plays with a third party bet tracking app. Bets are revealed after the game starts. I also keep my own personal records, which may vary slightly from Betstamp due to some factors, but should be close in most cases.

today: The NHL rarely schedules nine games on a Monday, but it doesn’t matter if Sunday goes without hockey. I mean, the season started on Tuesday, but did you really need a break?If there’s one thing he’s good at in the NHL, it’s going his own way or stopping momentum. .

All game lines are through the DraftKings Sportsbook and BetMGM Sportsbook, but we may use the consensus odds from the VSiN NHL odds page if they are more priced and widely available. All recommended bets are accompanied by a recommended wager.

Los Angeles (-125) Detroit Red Wings (plus-105)

The Kings were my biggest winners on Saturday. Los Angeles led him 3-0 early on, but Wild held on and he was 6-6 towards the end of the third period. The Kings eventually scored a go-ahead goal. It was sweat, to say the least. Detroit will likely start Ville Husso on Monday, no doubt some bettors will gravitate to their side, but I’m not. Considering my model’s game is priced around -145, I’m on the Kings at -130 or better, and Detroit was one of the worst teams offensively and defensively last season. I believe they’ve improved a lot, but they’re still bad as his hockey team, and Los Angeles has the best roster they’ve had in years.

Bed: Los Angeles Kings -125 Stake: Earn 1 credit for 1.25 credits

Arizona Coyote (plus-400) for the Toronto Maple Leafs (-500)

Toronto will play against weaker opponents, but it’s always comforting to know the model is neutral. Betting on maple leaves is not fun and betting on these places is a pain. don’t bet

Pittsburgh Penguins (-240) vs Montreal Canadiens (plus-210)

Pittsburgh has outpaced their opponents 12-4 in the first two games. Mind you, they played the Arizona Coyotes and then faced a tired Tampa Bay Lightning team.sans Andrei Vasilevskiy, but Montreal, his third game in four days, said Monday will suffer a similar fate. The Canadiens could be a bearish underdog this season, but due to some injuries their defense looked worse than I expected. It’s likely to roll over, but -240 isn’t an attractive price. don’t bet

Anaheim Ducks (Plus-190) New York Rangers (-220)

This is the first half of Anaheim’s back-to-back games. The Ducks will travel to New Jersey on Tuesday to face the Devils. I expect John Gibson and Igor Shesterkin to be the starting goalkeepers in this matchup, but nothing has been confirmed. Anaheim is not a good team, but -220 is not a good price. don’t bet

Florida Panthers -130) vs. Boston Bruins (plus-110)

Both Boston and Florida looked good to start the season with, but the Bruins seem to have a little more momentum than usual. This is a bit of a surprise, given the lack of But younger players are stepping up, and it looks like the Bruins could go deeper than they have in years.

As for Mondays, my model suggests Boston is a good bet at plus 115, regardless of which goalkeeper head coach Jim Montgomery starts. The Bruins head to Ottawa to face the Senators on Tuesday. That means Jeremy Swayman and Linus Urmark are very likely to play one game each of him. The Panthers can team up with Sergey Bobrovski or Spencer Knight, but according to my model, backing the Bruins at plus 115 is a good bet either way.

Bed: Boston Bruins plus-115 Stake: Gain 1.15 units for 1 unit

Vancouver Canucks (-115) vs. Washington Capitals (-135)

Wasted a multi-goal lead in each of the first two games is not the way to start a road trip, let alone the way to start a season, but the Canucks (0-2) have done just that. The Capitals (0-2) didn’t have much luck either, but they probably keep their heads a little higher than their weekend opponents. The Canucks will play his three games in four nights before heading home, and Monday’s game in Washington will be the first half.

Like the Capitals, the Columbus Blue Jackets, the team the Canucks play in the second half, are in the Eastern Conference, but are a much weaker team. With the Canucks looking to finish out against Western Conference opponent Minnesota his Wild, it’s entirely possible that Boudreau will choose to start Demko on Monday and Thursday.

Thatcher Demko will make 44 appearances from 5 Decemberth and April 23rdrd, and sometimes even played games back to back. But more importantly, new head coach Bruce Boudreau almost always (7 of 9) started Demko in the first half of back-to-back games. Because Tuesday’s game in Columbus would be a good place for Spencer Martin to get in on the action. Washington may have a little bit of value right now, but there’s no telling how the market will react when the Canucks announce their starting goaltender.

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Colorado Avalanche (-115) Minnesota Wild (-105)

Marc-André Fleury has conceded 11 goals in two games. He may be a toaster. I’m a big Fleury fan. He was the goalie for his team in my hometown Canadian Hockey League. But I plan to let him fade on a regular basis. I’d love to be able to back Avalanche in this place too, but my model is pretty much in line with the market (assuming Pavel Francouz and Marc-Andre Fleury start) and the value he bet is means no. to be made. However, we’ll see what happens.

Winnipeg Jets (Plus-120) Dallas Stars (-140)

I’m sure the Dallas Stars’ strong start was due in large part to the fact that they faced a team called the Nashville Predators who had just traveled around the world to start the regular season, but I’m .plus 120. I have no intention of doing so. If Winnipeg’s winning odds deteriorate, I’ll bet on Winnipeg.

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Carolina Hurricanes (-165) vs Seattle Kraken (plus-145)

There is nothing to report about this game at this time. My model is so close to the market that I am not interested in this game at all from a betting perspective. The Hurricanes are the type of team that went to Seattle last season and he would have won 9 out of 10 times, and while the Kraken goalie may still be terrifying, an improved hockey team like his I can see. The road team has a little bit of value, but not enough to justify the bet.