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NHL launches dynamic signage initiative this season

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New York – The National Hockey League today announced the debut of Digitally Enhanced Dashboards (DED), an advanced approach to dynamic dashboard advertising launching for the 2022-23 season. The DED system will enable the digital exchange of on-camera arena dashboards within local, national, and international NHL game broadcasts, providing a platform for innovation to create new opportunities for leagues, their clubs, and their media and corporate partners. Lead the next wave.

The NHL has partnered with Spponor, the world’s leading technology provider focused on raising the bar for innovative commercial strategies through digital signage, using remote artificial intelligence (AI)-based keying technology to unlock gaming Developed a DED technology solution to program dashboard ads on air. By placing dynamic graphics on the dashboard of the arena visible to the camera. DED graphics can be displayed in-game in a market-specific manner wherever the game feed is broadcast, thus enabling dynamic and targeted branding and promotion that was previously unattainable. increase.

Keith Wachtel, NHL Chief Business Officer and Senior Executive Vice President, said: “This is important work for the league, and we have spent years developing, testing, and preparing the technology for implementation across the league. It provides opportunity and value to his partners.”

“Our long-term collaboration with the NHL has resulted in a historic league-wide signage solution. During the NHL regular season, we have an ambitious program capable of broadcasting up to 15 simultaneous games per night and 40 games per week. It’s a massive deployment,” said James B Gambrell, CEO of Sponsor. “Working closely with the NHL to develop, test and implement a digitally enhanced dashboard was the most complex implementation of Sponsor’s AIR® AI, software-based solution. We thank the NHL for their vision and commitment to innovation and collaboration, and look forward to many more groundbreaking initiatives shaping the future of sports advertising. increase.”

The NHL’s DED solution enables unprecedented dynamic dashboard branding and messaging featuring URLs, flight marketing campaigns, co-branded official designations, social media integration, QR codes, and more. Additionally, the DED display is programmable into multiple formats, from a single advertiser full his dashboard takeover to a split zone format with 10 advertiser brands. Among other benefits, the DED system gives clubs the opportunity to provide their corporate partners and advertisers with this valuable exposure for the first time in both home and away game broadcasts. The supporter has also developed his NHL content management system, which the league and its clubs use to manage the league’s slot virtual ads starting this season and to manage playlists for all games broadcast on the market.