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NHL Monday Parley at Mega (+979) odds, today 10/24

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After a weekend filled with just about every imaginable sport, the NHL has six games scheduled tonight. I feel like I’m finally starting to really get going and start to understand who the team is. By piecing together your favorite plays from the ongoing game, you’ve achieved incredible payouts mega his parlays. Tonight’s slate targets different types of bets.

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Capitals vs Devils – 6.5+ (-110)

Instead of predicting sides, start with totals. That’s been the theme of the Washington Capitals’ games since last season, and even their most recent game was a perfect example of this: After a 2-0 loss to the Los Angeles Kings, the Caps finished third. Scoring his four goals in the period, he eventually won 4–3. Instead of sweating through the emotional roller coaster that is Washington, focus on the big picture. We were able to cash in his best bet on that game, so let’s use tonight’s totals to cash in the Mega Parley.

The biggest concern for both the Caps and the New Jersey Devils was last season’s goaltending. Washington allowed both goaltenders to walk the offseason, and now former Colorado he’s Avalanche goaltender Darcy he’s giving a shot to Kemper. He has been less impressive as the Caps have topped the total in all of their last three games, including his 10-goal game against the Canucks. Likewise, the Devils allowed his fourth-most goals per game last season, and goalkeeper Mackenzie he trusts Blackwood again this year. Expect both teams to top this game on aggregate as New Jersey hasn’t improved at the net.

Edmonton Oilers -1.5 (+196) Pittsburgh Penguins

Then we move on to the most rewarding play of Mega Parlays. In this matchup, it might come as a surprise that he is expected to have a clear win in one of the two premier teams in each conference he is in. But the Oilers stay home and go out for revenge. They suffered a shutout loss to the St. Louis Blues, which is literally almost unbelievable. It is unheard of that only Conor McDavid did not score a point. This is the first time this season and it happened only a few times last year.

He’s still on pace to win another Art Ross Trophy, and Pittsburgh should be afraid of the ricochet spot. The Penguins have only played one road game so far this season, and it was in Canada. They were upset by one of the worst teams in the entire NHL, the Montreal Canadiens. If that wasn’t enough, the Oilers shattered the pens when they met last season, Edmonton went 5-1 in his two games against Pittsburgh and he went 5-2 in the Finals. But on this play he only needs to win by two goals.

Toronto Maple Leafs ML (-110) vs Vegas Golden Knights

We conclude with yet another type of play. Rather than expect a multi-goal victory, the Leafs just need to win somehow against the Knights. Toronto faced Vegas in their first game last season, and he won 4-0 in the final. But in game two he was a close 4-3, so I’m playing a little safer considering how evenly these teams are matched. The Leafs, also in the latest game of the trip, which he just won 4-1, are in for the game.

The Knights have the same 4-2-0 record, but had a little easier start to the season. His two of his four wins in them came against the Chicago Blackhawks and Seattle Kraken, who were his two of the worst teams in the NHL last year. It’s also surprising that Toronto’s Ouston Matthews has just one goal so far this season, making him the first American-born player to score 60 goals last year, three of which he scored with the Knights. It was 2 games. Matthews and company can steal this win down the road, as Vegas has yet to start goaltender Robin Lehner.

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NHL Mega Parley Monday (10/24)

Capitals vs Devils – 6.5+ (-110)

Oilers -1.5 (+196)

Maple Leaf ML (-110)

Parley odds +979

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