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NHL Monday's best bets: Oilers rebound at home, Barnes on fire vs. Canucks

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This weekend we had our best results on the ice. Lightning (-110) and Star (-145) both took road wins and delivered clean mini sweeps.

We plan to pick up where we left off with 3 more plays (2 sides, 1 prop) for Monday night.

Capital (+100) @ Devil (-120)

The Capitals and Devils both had three wins early in the season. While the results are similar, their process certainly wasn’t.

Washington’s 5-on-5 profile is very mediocre, with the team controlling only 46% of its expected goal share and 47% of scoring chances. The overwhelming number of these categories stems from the inability to create attacks consistently.

Believe it or not, the Capitals made just 2.14 xG per 60 minutes playing 5-on-5, ranking 27th in the NHL. Not ideal.

In New Jersey, the story is very different. The Devils dominated the team at full speed, leading the league in shot attempt share, chance share, and his share of expected goals. They generate a lot of electricity even though they don’t allow it.

That’s nothing new for streaks. Despite dropping his first two games of the campaign, the Devils outnumbered opponents by 30 for the span. The biggest difference is that my opponent could save, but my opponent could not.

The Devils have allowed 22 most shots in the last three games, but Mackenzie Blackwood seemed to have righted the ship, allowing just four goals in that span.

With stars like Jack Hughes, Jesper Bratt, Nico Hischier and Dougie Hamilton tipping the ice in New Jersey’s favor every time on the board, all the devil needs is half-decent goaltending to win. is.

New Jersey has it now and likes to keep going against a Capitals team struggling to create chance volume.

Bed: Devils (-120)

Penguin (+105) @ Oilers (-125)

Considering the expectations and the fact that they played all five games at home, the Oilers are off to a somewhat disappointing start.

Edmonton’s underlying numbers suggest that now is not the time to panic. The team has controlled almost 54% of his 5-for-5 high-risk chances, making him seventh best in the NHL.

If the club can play well at 5-5, the Oilers will continue to win many more games.

I think this is the perfect price to boost the rebound. The Penguins have him 4 of 5 wins, and that number is off the page, but it’s worth noting that he’s already played against Coyotes, Hubs, and Blue against the Jackets. Oh, and Dating Lightning turned against Brian Elliott. The schedule is pretty loose.

A road game with Edmonton is a pretty tough test, especially without Jake Guentzel. The star winger has been riding shotgun mainly at Sydney with his Crosby since the start of the 2021-22 season, where he has scored 43 goals and he has scored 89.

Rickard Raquel is a great player to keep in the back pocket and move up, but he’s nowhere near Genzel’s ability. Losing that level of firepower is painful, especially when you’re facing a team that has two of his most dangerous players in the NHL, Conor McDavid and Leon Dreisaitle.

Expect the Oilers to react and score two points against the Penguins team. that’s why good as they appear on the surface.

Bed: Refueler (-125)

Brent over 2.5 shots (-105)

Brent Burns is off to a great start with the Hurricanes. In his five games he has scored 37 tries and his 18 shots, both leading the team.

Barnes has also clocked over 22.5 minutes in any game so far. He’s clearly a very efficient shot generator, so getting such usage allows for a very high shooting floor, as seen in the early stages.

The Canucks have a very mediocre blue line, giving up goal after goal, and the team looks disjointed every time.

Injuries will happen, and Burns is not one to hesitate to jump up and join the play when that happens.

Expect Barnes to bounce back from his worst shooter in his young season last season and produce good volumes.

Todd Cordell is theScore’s Sports Betting Writer. follow him on twitter @ToddCordell.