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NHL must revise schedule to create better games

The Colorado Avalanche won the short end in the opening week. Things started on the right foot when the Avs beat the Chicago Blackhawks, he went 5-2. They hoisted the Stanley Cup he champion banner and completed their historic quest to the Stanley Cup.

However, the game itself didn’t start until 8:15pm MT and ended just before 11pm, necessitating a long night as the Avs traveled overnight to play the Calgary Flames the next day.

Mr. and Mrs. Av didn’t arrive at the hotel until 4am and needed a short night’s rest. Despite having a morning off, Colorado was noticeably slower for most of the game as they fell 5-3 on Calgary’s opening night.

The underlying issues with all of these need to be resolved immediately. The NHL needs to revise when and how teams schedule games across the board, not just Avs. For example, yesterday he had 14 games scheduled and today he didn’t have one.

Let’s take Avs as an example. They’ve already played back-to-back, and he has four days between games against the Flames and the Minnesota Wild. They then go home for his two games, but including another back-to-back game. Avs will play the Seattle Kraken at home on Friday night and then travel overnight to face Vegas Golden his Knights on the Strip the next night.

It’s the start of a very long road trip, traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast next week to take on the New York Rangers, New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders. This includes back-to-back games against the Devils and Isles on October 28th and 29th.

Avs will then take a week off to travel and prepare for the Global Series game against the Columbus Blue Jackets in Finland on November 4th and 5th. Normal schedule from there.”

2017 SAP NHL Global Series - Ottawa Senators v Colorado Avalanche

Photo by Nils Petter Nilsson/Ombrello/Getty Images

Of course, the time between games when Avs goes to Europe makes sense. However, it’s the weeks leading up to these games in Europe that leave Avs behind at a staggering pace.

Back at the beginning of the season, Avs have traveled just 15,000 miles since their Global Series games. Additionally, in his first four weeks at Avs, he has a four-set streak.

Even with arguably the most fit team in the NHL, it simply asks for a lot.

Having already taken a short summer break in celebration of their Stanley Cup victory, the Avs will be forced to play tiring. There was a story

NHL: January 13 Avalanche Blues

Photo by Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This reduces travel and is similar to a baseball series where each team plays the same location three times over three days. For the NHL, it would mean the Avs will play his two games in San Jose in his two days later this season. This is the ideal scenario for teams across the league, both health-wise and financially.

Is it plausible? absolutely. do they do that? Probably not at this time. But it would be ideal if there were at least a few changes where the team would only play every two or three days of him and move less in between.

They can also keep back-to-back but there are some new regulations surrounding them. You’ll either have two Homes in a row, or you’ll do something else.

Nevertheless, the overall message is that the schedule needs to change.It comes from the fans, the media, and the players. In Calgary on Thursday night, he compared what he’d seen with two great teams as the NHL listened and worked hard to keep players rested and make the game more fun and competitive. I hope you will.