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NHL Rumors: Hurricanes, Kings, Blackhawks, Oilers

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In today’s roundup of NHL rumors, there’s a story about how the Carolina Hurricanes are dealing with teams regarding their interest in trading defenseman Ethan Bear. Will the Los Angeles Kings be the new favorites to acquire defenseman Jakob Chiklun? Broberg’s lack of progress is explained by injuries.

Hurricane Ahead, But No Rushing Bear Trade

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman said in a recent 32 Thoughts Now segment that the Carolina Hurricanes don’t need to sell Ethan Bear cheap. Friedman explained: You can’t keep his 50% of Bear’s salary if you don’t get a good return, or a minimal return. I think this is an NHL player. ”

Ethan Bear, Carolina Hurricanes (Jess Starr/Hockey Writers)

NHL insiders believe the trade has been closed several times and the Vancouver Canucks are among the teams that have expressed interest. I think it will be resolved.

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Friedman didn’t explain why the move would be faster because Baer wants to play, but he thinks the team will increase their offer or Carolina will lower their offer a bit. You can even abandon Friedman’s notes.

Kings are Chychrun Trade Rumors favorites

In the same segment, Jeff Marek noted that defenseman Jakob Chiklun’s trade price is still high. However, he also points out that it will be another two weeks before Chychurn is in the lineup and makes his season debut.

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Malek supported Friedman’s idea that Ottawa’s Senators were an unlikely option, noting that another prospective club like the Los Angeles Kings could be more involved.Matt Larkin of the Daily Faceoff also considers the Senator and the King to be favorites.

Domi making a fuss early on

Max Domme is off to a strong start to the season with the Chicago Blackhawks. If he continues to play well, his value across the league will only go up before his deadline for an NHL trade. The Blackhawks were believed to be the team that invested in free agency. This is one of the reasons why Domi only signed a one-year contract with his $3 million cap affordable.

One thing to consider is that this may not just be playing a year in Chicago for Domi. He chose this club thanks to head coach Luke Richardson. If the Blackhawks feel extension is the better option and Domi is back on the offensive-difference-making trajectory of his previous NHL career, he’s likely to stay.

Broberg injured for Oilers

There was a lot of talk in Edmonton about why Philip Broeberg was struggling in training camp. He didn’t look like his normal self, and when it came to the opening night roster spot that many thought had secured him, Markus Niemelainen and he looked lost to Ryan Murray. Injuries were holding Broberg down.

Kurt Levins of the Edmonton Journal wrote:

Philip Broberg’s situation was worth watching closely. Ultimately, it was the upper body injury that kept him out of action. In fact, the problem can be traced back to his early Rookie Camp days. If that’s the case, lack of execution may not be the only reason the sweet skating Swede hasn’t kicked the club out of camp. It’s worth considering when evaluating Broberg’s performance so far.

Source – “Edmonton Oilers’ Sub-500 Record Includes What’s Good and What’s Not: 9 Things” – Kurt Leavins – Edmonton Journal – October 23, 2022