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NHL Rumors: Minnesota Wild, Chicago Blackhawks, Buffalo Sabers

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Welcome to another edition of Full Press Hockey’s NHL Rumors! The NHL 2022-23 regular season games begin and player evaluations begin. The free agency move is now all but complete, but rumors are still circulating.The club is constantly working to improve its roster for next season. Some teams struggle to create enough cap space to move around. Some have seriously injured star players. Trade rumors/signatures still circulating. The Sunday edition of the NHL Rumors features the Minnesota Wild, Chicago Blackhawks and Buffalo Sabers.

Minnesota Wild – Matt Dumba

RUMOR: Per – Adam Proteau – The Minnesota Wild surrendered a whopping 23 goals in just four games, their worst ever against league average.

These days, at least half a dozen NHL teams appear to be interested in trading Jakob Chiklung. Proteau says it looks like Minnesota could add his Wild to that list. As you can see, due to the very large contracts awarded to both Zach Paris and Ryan Suter, Wilde had to buy out their deals.

Over the next three years, the team will lose $42.2 million, which almost ruins their financial prospects. So if you want to trade with Chiklung, you should save as much cap space as possible. If a deal to send Chiklung to Minnesota goes through, the team would save about $1.4 million. Dumba’s Cap his hit is his $6 million, as opposed to Chiklung’s $4.6 million.

Dumba’s potential to be an unrestricted free agent after this season isn’t all that appealing to general manager Bill Armstrong and his current restructuring.

Wilde may need to throw in prospects and/or first-round picks to make it work. This is Michael Milne, who recorded

Chicago Blackhawks – Max Domi

Rumor: Per – Michael DeRosa – The Blackhawks forward could be traded before the deadline.

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Towes may not be the only two forwards in the Windy City trade block, with Max Domi showing his skills on the rebuilding team and getting good returns in trade deadline deals should be possible.

The spirited forward had 11 goals and 28 assists for the Columbus Blue Jackets and Carolina Hurricanes last season. He has achieved his $3 million cap with his hit and could help his team advance to the playoffs.

He has added two goals in four games and averaged 18 minutes of ice time. If he shows good stats and consistent play, he could be heading to a playoff team soon.

Buffalo Sabers – Eric Comrie

RUMOR: Per – Mike McKenna – Why Eric Comrie surprised the Edmonton Oilers and why he could do it again.

For many seasons past, the Sabers have been without a goalkeeper who could keep playing and even lead them to wins if needed. The wait may be over, as Eric Comrie showed early in this new season that he has what it takes.

His 46-save performance against powerhouse Edmonton Oilers at the Sabers on Tuesday was impressive.

Comrie adjusted his style of play at the net to stop bad-angled shots, learn to stay upright, and give him the quickness he needed to react.

He has every chance of becoming the number one goalkeeper with veteran Craig Anderson backing him up. After being a backup goalkeeper for his entire career, this could be his chance to step up to a young and talented team.

The Sabers have been doing quite well so far this season. They went on to his 3-1 record, defeating the Oilers and Calgary Flames in the process.

are they real? You can immediately see that Comrie is planted between the posts.