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NHL salary cap could rise by $4 million, allowing New York Rangers to spend every penny

The New York Rangers expect the escrow debt owed to their players to be paid in full this season. This could jump the cap from the previous estimate of $1 million to $4 million.

“We think there is a good chance that escrow will be paid out this season,” Bettmann said. “Maybe not, but I think it’s close, which means flat caps will be replaced by much larger increases. Revenues are doing pretty well. We’re probably making $5.4 billion. [hockey-related revenues] This past season has actually made about $500 million more than we predicted when we kicked things off a year ago. I’m fine. ”

Previous NHL Salary Cap Predictions:

  • $83.5 million in 2023-24
  • $87.5 million to $88 million in 2024-25
  • $92 million in 2025-26 (estimated)

Next summer’s first $83.5 million could jump to $86.5 million if things continue to develop as Bettman says.

New York Rangers get salary cap boost

October 13, 2022; St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. New York Rangers defenseman Candre Miller (79) during the second period against the Minnesota Wild at the Excel Energy Center. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Rangers plan to make the following players restricted free agents in 2023.

  • Alexis Lafreniere
  • Philippe Chitil (right to arbitrate)
  • Julien Gauthier (Arbitration Rights)
  • Caandre Miller
  • Libor Hajek (right to arbitrate)
  • Vitaly Kravtsov
  • Zach Jones

Also note that Ryan Reaves and his $1.75 million cap hit are ruined. Plus, Jaroslav Halak’s $1.5 million is also gone, but the Rangers need that money for another backup.

The Blueshirts are currently on a buyout penalty of $3,427,778. Some of them are due to acquisitions that occurred all the way back in 2017, including Dan Girardi, Kevin Shattenkirk, and Tony D’Angelo.

GM’s Chris Drury is currently looking to secure about $6 million in space next summer. This meant that Dead had his $3.4 million back in his cap space, Reeves’ $1.75 million off the books, and just his $1 million to cap originally predicted. based on the rise of

Not enough to re-sign important RFAs like Lafrenière, Miller and Chytil.

However, if the escrow is paid off and the Rangers get that extra space, they’re talking about $10 million towards the start of next summer. Not enough yet, but every penny helps.

New York Rangers still have cap issues

Next summer will still be tough and the Rangers will likely have to use some of the ELC’s younger players to fill roles vacated by veterans leaving as UFA.

We’ve already mentioned Reaves, but Sammy Blais ($1.525M) could also disappear and go off the books. Ryan Carpenter ($750,000), Jimmy Vesey ($750,000) and Dryden Hunt ($762,000) are also unlikely to return.

On the RFA side, both Gauthier and Hajek are either traded or let go next summer.

The Rangers have already acquired Hartford’s Matthew Robertson to replace Jones, who is still in his ELC. become.

The bottom line is that the Rangers need every penny possible in cap space to re-sign Lafrenière, Miller and Kittil. Even if the escrow paid off and you got the extra cap space, it wouldn’t be enough.

How will the Rangers sign? That’s why the term “cap squeeze” is often used when discussing the team’s future.

This is not an easy problem to solve and means some players like Barclay Goodrow with the modified trade clause could be at risk next summer. With his deal four years remaining and his hit cap at $3.6 million, it’s going to be tough to trade him.

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