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Oil and Gas Sector Virtual Reality Transforming Oilfield Worker Training – GlobalData Plc

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This press release was originally distributed by SBWire.

LONDON, UK — (SBWIRE) — 19 October 2022 — A new publication by GlobalData Plc titled Virtual Reality (VR) in Oil and Gas – Thematic research finds that virtual reality can improve the training and development of oilfield personnel. We anticipate that it will play an important role in transforming. Major oil and gas companies such as Saudi Aramco, Equinor and Shell are using VR to simulate the physical environment of their training rooms. Additionally, trainees will be provided with VR headsets to provide an immersive experience of facilities such as offshore production platforms, gas processing plants, and refineries.

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Virtual reality has also become mainstream in the post-pandemic oil and gas sector, as COVID-19 has pushed companies to adopt remote work. Most employees are now back in the office, but shifts are expected to continue. This is expected to accelerate the development of his robust, industry-specific VR devices and software platform to support VR adoption. By enabling oil and gas engineers to virtually explore production facilities, VR can help extract maximum value from digital twins. Companies such as Shell are creating digital twins of Singapore’s integrated refineries to facilitate remote monitoring and improve operational efficiency and safety.

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Virtual reality (VR) in oil and gas trends

This report highlights key trends that will shape the VR theme over the next 12-24 months. Trends are grouped into five categories: oil and gas trends, technology trends, macroeconomic trends, regulatory trends, and media trends.

oil and gas trends
– Simplified workflow with VR simulation
– Accelerate digital twin adoption
– Visualization of underwater and underground topography
– Conduct immersive training programs
– Remote inspection and verification of assets
– Product development and sales support

technology trends
– Metaverse
– Artificial Intelligence (AI)
– Cloud
– 5G
– The future of work

Macroeconomic trends
– COVID-19 (novel coronavirus infection)
– corporate recruitment
– Search for killer apps

regulatory trends
– Data privacy
– Legal issues

media trends
– games
– VR advertising
– movie

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VR market segment

This report categorizes the VR market by major segments.

By end user
– Enterprise VR
– Consumer VR

by platform
– VR hardware
– VR software

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Insights into the VR value chain

– GPUs
– image processor
– communication chip
– Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
– memory chip

– Motion tracking
– Battery
– display
– Camera and 3D lens
– Audio component
– Machine vision

– Console Tether
– PC tethering
– Smartphone tethering
– not bound

– APIs and SDKs
– VR Engine – Gaming
– VR Engine – Enterprise
– Artificial Intelligence (AI)
– Content delivery network
– Application delivery network

– Engineering apps
– Health app
– e-commerce apps
– Social apps
– military app
– video game
– movie

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Top VR Company in Oil & Gas Sector

GlobalData highlights companies finding success with VR themes.

oil and gas company
– BP
– Chevron
– ConocoPhillips
– Equinor
– ExxonMobil
– Gazprom
– shell
– Saudi Aramco
– Sinopec

technology company
– Byte Dance
– Meta
– Microsoft
– Qualcomm
– Sony
– Unity
– valve
– Walt Disney

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