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“Provides full traceability back to farm”

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Rocket observes changes in dietary preferences. More and more consumers are opting for organic, according to a French-based raw material supplier.

A recent Innova Health and Nutrition survey found that 30% of global consumers, especially millennials, reported increasing their consumption of organic products in the last 12 months. According to Innova, organic products are part of this “revolution”, driven by consumer demand for more “natural” and nutritious products.

Growth has been particularly pronounced in regions such as North America and Western Europe, regions estimated by Euromonitor to account for more than 80% of the total organic food and beverage market.

Roquette responds with the launch of a new line of organic pea ingredients. Organic pea starch and organic pea protein.

Sourced in Canada for Europena

This launch follows Roquette’s rollout of Nutralys organic textured plant proteins for the EU and now US markets based on peas or a blend of peas and broad beans.

The new launch, also under the Nutralys brand, “reaffirms” Rocket’s commitment to addressing global challenges.

“With Nutralys’ new range of organic pea protein isolates, we continue to satisfy consumer appetites while protecting the environment.”na

Specifically, Roquette offers four new grades of organic pea protein isolate and organic starch based on Canadian organic peas. Manufacturing takes place at the company’s factory in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.

“The plant is certified by the Canadian Organic Scheme and this certification allows export to the EU and US markets thanks to mutual recognition. na(US/Canadian Organic Equivalence Agreement (USCOEA) & EU/Canadian Organic Equivalence Agreement (EUCOEA),” Burks explained. “Factories are allowed to process conventional organic peas.”na

“Full traceability to the farm”na

Roquette sources organic peas with “full traceability to the farm”. This allows us to offer safe, high-quality pea protein products that benefit from reliable origins (non-GMO crops, soy/gluten-free) and reliable supply.

“Compared to similar plant-based solutions on the market, Rocket oversees all stages of production, from field to raw materials.” Burks said.

“Our close partnerships with pea growers combined with state-of-the-art plants designed for organic and conventional feedstock production give us a strong and reliable position to be a reliable partner.”na

Asked whether Roquette’s organic line will be sold at a premium price, Burks said: “Organic is inherently high quality and means that these organic ingredients provide added value to our customers.”na

Roquette will launch a range of pea starch and pea protein ingredients initially in North America, Mexico and Europe, with plans to expand into other markets.