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Rapper Kojak picks a touchstone

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Kevin Smith, 27, is a rapper known as Kojak. He grew up in Cabra, Dublin. In 2018, Deli was nominated for the Choice Music Prize for his album Deli Daydreams, a concept that depicts about a week of her worker’s life. In 2021, his album Town’s Dead has also been shortlisted for his Choice Music Prize. He is an indie co-founder of his label Soft Boy Records. On Friday he will perform with his band at his House in Cork opera. See:

Arctic Monkeys have been my favorite band since I was a kid and they were one of the first bands I went to see in concert. It would have been the days of Suck It and See. This is the band I still listen to. I love their musical direction.

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino has been one of my favorite records over the years. They’re the band I evolved with. My teenage years were soundtracked by them. As I got older, their sound changed and so did my tastes.


As a teenager, I was into indie rock. I was obsessed with Maccabees. Toothpaste Kisses was one of the first songs I heard of him and I loved it. I loved the music video for it. Their record, Given to the Wild, was released when I was 16 years old. Orlando Weeks vocals are great. he has a peculiar tone. Unforgettable. That’s what got me. And their musicality and songwriting is amazing.

MF Doom

Doom is one of my favorite authors. he has a strange mind. Through his records he does many things with different personalities. Super niche and cult. He seemed like someone who wanted to write for the sake of writing. His music was never played on the radio.

When I first started listening to him, it felt special. You can dive into his lyricism. He has an interesting way with words. The punch line is not what you would expect. He got me more into the writing side of things. I was crazy about him.

kendrick lamar

kendrick lamar
kendrick lamar

No one in our generation has surpassed Kendrick in terms of lyricism. For that matter, he is one of the greatest recording artists of all time. One thing he didn’t have in mind when I started doing music is how important performance is during recording.

You can bring out different kinds of character from the inflection of your voice when you’re putting something down. he does it very well. On every record his voice quality performs differently. his voice is his instrument. When that record Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers came out, it took quite a few listens to figure out what he was talking about. I haven’t stopped listening to it since.

stop by the far side

The music video for Drop by The Far Side was directed by Spike Jonze, who directed her and other films. This iconic video. The gimmick is that the whole thing is reversed. The Far Side lads memorized the four-minute song backwards.

They had a linguistics coach come over. He wrote the lyrics phonetically, and young people learned it that way. Take it a step further with your music video so that it’s not just a visual thing, it’s actually a performance element. I always found it funny.

J Dilla

J Dilla is great when it comes to sampling. He has a Slum Village song called Fall in Love and I love it. Contains a sample of Gap Mangione’s orchestral piece Diana in the Autumn Wind. His 16 bars in this gorgeous orchestral piece with some strings underneath and a little refrain. Dilla put a high pass filter on it and the drums were sampled from another. That song is one of my favorite hip-hop songs by him.


I love Tom Cruise and John C. Reilly’s Magnolia. I love movies with multiple stories with similar timelines. What I love about this movie is that it follows multiple different characters and how their actions affect different people. It’s the butterfly effect.

There’s something I like about it. Tom Cruise’s character is great. I think it was an interesting prediction of how things went. It seems like there are a lot of characters like him who are missing their satire these days.


There is a movie I saw many years ago called Ida. Directed by Pawel Pawlikowski, it was shot in black and white and in a 4:3 ratio. It tells the story of an orphan who grew up in a monastery. Before she took her vows to become a nun, her abbot took her aside and she said, She must talk to them before deciding she wants to marry Jesus for the rest of her life. “

She meets her aunt, who is a lawyer in Poland. It’s after World War II. What bothers me about this movie is that all the shots are static bar 2 shots. In other words, the camera doesn’t move. The shot is gorgeously composed. It took so long to compose the scene and make sure all the actors looked so accurate that it’s like looking at a painting. I’m here.

The Sopranos

The Sopranos are the best terry ever made. It was a very interesting take on the Italian-American gang. Especially coming from the Godfather era and the Goodfellas era, and how slick mob life was portrayed in those movies, and how tough all the men were.

From there, go to the Mafia, whose modern heyday is over, as depicted in The Sopranos. Even the concept of a mob boss having to see a therapist is hilarious.What I love about The Sopranos is everything they don’t say. They have a beautiful way of saying nothing. It’s incredibly written and very, very funny.

dark rise the island

Kevin Barry is one of my favorite authors. All his books are wonderful. I especially love his short stories. Dark Lies the Island was the first collection I read of him. i adored it. The book has a great story about this man who has the fantastic idea of ​​retiring to the country to run a hotel by day and be a writer by night.

He will run this hotel on the West Coast. he never writes He gets stuck in the hotel bar day after day, day after day, with these people he absolutely hates. One day there is a great flood and he finds himself in his grave. It’s a beautiful tale of fantasy.