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RCAS School Board Discusses Change Order, Superintendent Search

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The Rapid City Area Schools Board of Education issued an initial reading of policies regarding class sizes, independent learning, and grading systems on Tuesday night, as well as two change orders regarding various buildings and new facilities at South Middle School. discuss about

According to the agenda, various building change orders concern drainage and concrete repairs. They appear on the board’s consent agenda, but are generally not discussed separately unless pulled by a board member. This includes projects at Southwest Middle School/Coral Drive, Bus Barn, Wilson Elementary School, West Middle School, and Pinedale Elementary School projects.

If approved, the contract value will increase by $41,344.93, bringing the new total contract value to $545,564.10.

The largest increase at $20,776.67 is for the Pinedale project. The 4-inch and 6-inch gutter connections were not included in the project’s tender schedule, according to the agenda. Also included are other pipe replacements and additional paving for removal and replacement due to damage.

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Wilson’s concrete work includes additional removal and replacement of pavement due to damage to various pavement sections around the project site.

The change order for the new facilities of South Middle School eliminates the building permit fee paid directly by the school district, which is a deduction of $399,275.94, resulting in a new contract value of $60,087,495.04.

Policy changes will also be considered on the Consent Agenda. The school board will consider updating all middle and high school classroom size recommendations. The recommended class size is her 30 students per primary classroom from grades 6 through her grades 12. Previous policy recommendations included only grades 6-8.

A separate policy change will be considered for high school independent study programs. According to RCAS, independent study is a course of study that students can pursue independently outside of the regular classroom and can count toward graduation credits.

The revised policy removes a section of the guidelines stating that a school district’s off-curriculum independent learning materials are subject to review and approval by the school district’s board of education.

Also on Tuesday night’s agenda is a discussion of dyslexia by Dr. Lisa Haffer, Director of Special Services.

Hafer presented some information at the board’s October 11 study meeting. She said October is Dyslexia Awareness Month and during this month and a half she spent her staff working to understand dyslexia traits, what they were doing, ADHD and dyslexia. We mentioned that we share things like how they look together.

Haffer also said the district is short of about five special education teachers and about 35 semi-professionals, “a lot better than it started.”

The Board will also consider adopting Club Trap Shooting for the 2022-2023 school year. In addition, the Board will consider requests for proposals from superintendent search firms to find eligible candidates for superintendent beginning July 1, 2023.

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