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Robo-Soccer settles into a frustrating 1-1 draw

What New Mexico soccer coach Heather Daichi and her players had in common on Sunday following a 1-1 draw with San Jose State was a headshake.

Lobos (4-3-6, 2-1-3 Mountain West) created one chance after another.

And time and time again, the shiny white goal pipe proved to be a far more stubborn opponent than the Spartans (3-5-5, 2-1-3).

Defender Carly Mays, who found the post and crossbar, said: “We were very frustrated with it, but at least we know we had a chance, so we know we can clean them up. increase.

It was just one of those results that happens in the sport, Dyche said, noting that the Lobos dominated the statistical scoresheets with 20 shots, 7 on frame to 11 shots and 3 San Jose shots. Did.

“Look for specific stats, chances created, shots on goal, total shots, time in possession. If you beat those stat lines and you don’t win the game, what are you going to do,” she said. “You play the next game. just need a few shots.”

Lobos dropped one in the 37th minute after Jaydin Edwards was hit on the grass about 40 yards out. Mace floated the ball in the penalty area and Edwards deftly headed it in.

This came about ten minutes after Edwards missed an incredible chance. At first, he shot from the post and, of course, collected all the rebounds at the 6-yard line and rolled the follow-up on Spartan goaltender Ben Teperno.

Edwards shook his head and said. “I focused on suppressing it and not maintaining it. And it went right back to her, so it’s a shame. But they are unforgettable.”

Shortly after, UNM forward Zaria Kateshigwa fired a shot, and in the final seconds, Lobos defender Jerin Hendron fired a looped shot that Parnott hit the crossbar. It fell at Kateshiga’s feet, but it was swarmed by the Spartan defense, so she was unable to take the shot.

“I feel like I’ve had an opportunity and I think I can take it forward,” Maes said. “And I hope we take the chances we get away with it and don’t get too upset about the draw. But we know we can finish those games better.

Looking back at the game, Daichi said he can understand the frustration, but Lobos needs to get something positive out of it.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been in a game where I hit the post or the crossbar six times in one game,” she said. “It’s pretty crazy. But it’s football. If you’re doing the right thing, it’s frustrating, yeah, it’s frustrating.