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Skretting looks to advance understanding of shrimp nutrition

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The fish feed maker said its new €6.1 million R&D station, Skretting AI Guayas, also aims to accelerate the adoption of more sustainable and innovative feeds by the shrimp farming industry, and the company has invested in its species. It aims to expand the nutrition and health knowledge of the population. , eventually applying that intelligence in the field in Ecuador.

Ecuador’s shrimp sector on the rise na

According to Alex Obach, innovation director at Skretting, the Latin American country is fast becoming one of the world’s leading shrimp producers.

A delegation to the Global Shrimp Forum 2022, held in Utrecht last month, said from Contari that in 2021, India will still lead the way, with just over 1 million tonnes of exports equivalent to live shrimp, and Ecuador will follow with a smaller amount. I heard that you were in line for Export less than 1 million tons.

However, industry insiders expect Ecuador to become a leading shrimp exporter by 2022, Obach added.

He noted that shrimp farming in Latin America is very different from production in Asia and tends to be very intensive, family-run, with small ponds and high density.

Ecuador’s shrimp production is more intensive and the ponds are much larger.

A Skretting representative explained that Ecuador has also seen a lot of technologicalization. The overall approach to shrimp farming is very sophisticated, he said.

“We use extruded feed, automated feeding systems, hydrophones at the bottom of the pond to listen to shrimp feeding activity, and sensors to measure temperature and oxygen. [have made a huge difference in the Ecuadorian shrimp industry]”na