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Taekwondo giant Adelaide Barnes knows nutrition is key to next step

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Up-and-coming taekwondo giant Adelaide Burns says attending a nutrition workshop hosted by Aldi will give her all the tools she needs to take the next step on her journey. increase.

Ace, 17, is a member of the retailer’s Rising Stars program. The program allows her to support 20 young athletes by providing monetary awards to help with training and competition costs, while providing many of them with personal growth opportunities through workshop sessions. provide.

The program allowed Barnes to participate in a unique Taste Kitchen workshop held at Aldi’s Atherstone HQ, providing valuable insight into fueling an athlete’s body for training and competition, as well as , recipes, batch cooking, and the best tips for eating on the go.

The Preston star, who competes in the 57kg featherweight division, said: It’s important for any person, but especially for professional athletes, because what you put in your body is what your body gets out of it. It is very important to learn today about how important food is. Today was really informative and I learned a lot. ”

Rising Star athletes will receive financial support and monthly food vouchers through Aldi for training, competition and future Olympic and Paralympic Games.

テコンドーの巨人アデレード・バーンズは栄養が次のステップへの鍵を知っている <i>(Image: Sportsbeat)</i>” srcset=”, =mds-article-962 962w, 1400w, .jpg?type=mds-article-620 1401w” sizes=”(max-width: 575px) 575w,(max-width: 992px) 962w,(max-width: 1400px) 1400w, (min-width: 1401px) 1401w ” title=”Helensburgh Advertiser: Athlete Shows Importance of Nutrition in His Career” class=”editor-image” style=”aspect-ratio: 2400 / 964;”/><span class=Athletes were shown the importance of nutrition in their careers (Image: Aldi)

Aldi has a top 10 shopping list of affordable healthy items recommended by nutritionists Nigel Mitchell and Jenny Tschiesche. The two of them attended an event that helped Barnes better understand the nutritious foods key to her workout, her culinary skills, and how to get the most out of her. Her Aldi vouchers every month.

Barnes, a two-time runner-up at last year’s national championships, says Tschiesche and Mitchell are helping her and her fellow athletes eat healthy by providing multiple recipes throughout the day. I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to take long.

Team GB nutritionist Mitchell, who has 30 years of experience working with athletes to create customized nutrition plans that enhance their performance levels, adds: Supermarkets like Aldi really provide an affordable opportunity for consumers to get better quality food at more affordable prices.In today’s age where people are more price conscious So, I think that’s very important, but you also really want the quality of food you really need to get the range and depth of nutrients. ”

Aldi is the Official Supermarket Partner of Team GB and ParalympicsGB and has partnered with Team GB since 2015 and ParalympicsGB since 2022 and will support the team until Paris 2024.