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The biggest market with the toughest challenges ever

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That was a warning from Simon Jurkiw, Bulk’s Product Director, speaking at NutraIngredients’ Sports & Active Nutrition Summit (SANS) in Amsterdam earlier this month (October 5-7).

His presentation detailed how the consumer base of sports nutrition has evolved over the past two decades.

“The gradual change I see, certainly in the UK and Europe, was Maximuscle investing heavily across categories and trying to reach a wider audience … their overall The focus was on education, a bit of a game changer at the

“Some of the images they used in their marketing were unprecedented at the time. For example, the images of climbers were completely different from anything seen before.”na

In the 2010s, larger brands such as MyProtein and Bulk entered categories with nondescript packaging, images, and claims that made their products more accessible to a wider audience.

All efforts to “normalize” the industry have certainly paid off.

Jurkiw told attendees that in 2010, about 80% of Bulk’s range was focused on muscle and weight loss, but with more emphasis on health and food, the brand is now virtually muscle-centric. said it has changed to one-third of the Health conscious and diet.

“It’s completely normal these days to use a shaker on a tube. If I had done it 15 years ago, I would have made a pretty funny face.” It used to be how to explain what it is, but now it’s easy because we know the product, the efficacy and the market. na