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The gameplay is fresh, but it's not a brand new game

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By now, fans of sports video games have become quite accustomed to seeing small improvements from year to year titles.Perhaps you’d like to see an unmistakable upgrade that pops off the screen, but it’s more likely that you’ll have a very hard time spotting any differences from the previous title. NHL 23 In many ways, someone is destined to invest even a modest amount of time NHL 22 Often experience a strong sense of déjà vu. Without new game modes or major changes to existing game modes (besides the notable changes in Franchise Mode), this new release leaves a distinct impression of being more of an update than a brand new game.Luckily, the subtle but impactful tweaks made to the on-ice action helped ease my disappointment by making it the most realistic and enjoyable depiction of hockey the series has made in at least a decade. With that in mind let me start my story NHL 23 review.

NHL 23 Review

In the absence of many major overhauls, every nook and cranny of the game is looking to better identify which areas of the game are making the sort of progress we’ve come to expect from the series, and which opportunities have been completely lost. Let’s dig in and do the dirty work.

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The biggest change is NHL 23 This year, even if you don’t get the hang of it at first when you play the game, you’ll be able to see and feel it during the game. Adding timely animations to key spots smooths out player actions and reactions to the puck and other players around them. As in previous years, the game’s physics have been further improved, making pucks less likely to pass through the player’s stick or body. This doesn’t mean we still don’t see the occasional occurrence of sticks missing pucks that are supposed to hit or players not reacting to nearby pucks, but thankfully these are now less common. and far away.

When playing defense, I tend to notice a big difference when trying to knock the puck out of an opposing player’s stick with my defensive skill stick. Skating his speed is greatly reduced when using a defensive skill stick. That means it’s a lot easier if the other team rushes into your zone and you get stuck sticking out your stick due to lack of attention. A breeze blows right beside you on your way to the net. The speed penalty for using defensive skill sticks might be a bit too harsh, but not being able to rely on mechanics to bail out the defense is a welcome change to realism. in general, NHL 23 Defensively rewards superior positioning and anticipation above all else, putting yourself between the attacker and the net and knowing when to best use tactics like poke checks, body checks and stick lifts to force turnovers. is needed.

You might think that scoring offense would be easy now that defenders can’t spam defensive skill sticks without fear of counterattacks, but it’s not. Both AI defenders and goalkeepers are a bit more conscious than before, and will have to dig deeper into the bag of tricks if they want to find the back of the net. Defensemen are very adept at keeping cross crease passes from sliding into teammates at the net side, regularly intercepting them to end scoring chances. Even, there is no longer any guarantee that a one-timer can beat a goalie. To break through defenses, it may be necessary to cycle the puck more often and look for small pass his windows that can create space for the player in the slot.

New Last Chance animation introduced in NHL 23 Players rarely jump in and shoot or pass a loose puck, so it’s pretty satisfying when they manage to pull it off.

franchise mode

NHL 23 franchise mode

franchise mode NHL 23 It’s not that different from what’s in NHL 22, and the few updates it’s given are honestly a bit of a mixed bag, but the main reason the mode is better than last year is because the game’s improved AI makes for a better single player experience than the CPU. Previously, CPUs often generated attacks with unrealistic ping-pong paths, so there were issues with defeating CPUs on All-Star difficulty being too easy and Superstar difficulty being too frustrating. there was alwaysIt creates scoring opportunities a little more organically NHL 23catches the mistakes you make and turns them into high-rate shots at the end, sometimes even taking advantage of the game’s more elaborate decks.

The framework of the mode remains largely intact, with the exception of the ability to customize leagues by shuffling divisions and including 48 teams (this is done using community-created rosters). Especially promising given how it imports). However, it’s disappointing to see that the ability to change your team’s strategy has been removed altogether. It’s the coach’s responsibility, not yours. Thinking about is somehow not allowed at all.

World of Chell

What you may collect is the trend NHL 23World of Chel should look familiar to anyone who has played NHL 22, ranging from hockey bags to many of the same rewards you unlock as you play the game and level up. This is scheduled to debut via patch in November.

So why are modes good? For the same reason it’s always been: it gives you the chance to play against friends and strangers online and, in my opinion, it’s the ultimate competitive experience in gaming, given that hockey is a team sport. We’ve made some nice changes to how you customize your archetypes. NHL 23 It also gives you more control over the specific skills you want to emphasize, which can set you apart from the rest.

For what it’s worth, the connection speed seems to have improved some NHL 23 Also, many players reported that their ping speeds were lower than before. Playing a game that ends without gaining any XP is infuriating and essentially one big waste of time (it’s hard wins with good personal performances to boot). It’s especially painful for games with


NHL 23 presentation


The fact that EA went so far as to promote pre-game arena theater and intros NHL 23 Including them in the list of new features only makes it even more disappointing to realize that many of the mod’s games seem to start off with little to no fanfare. The new arena light show and anthems look great, but mostly This is yet another mind-boggling example of a worthy feature removed from the game, before the puck drop that failed to set the scene. A limited set of visuals remained, with the same series of games played for half a year on the previous generation of consoles.

On the other hand, showing fans tossing a wider variety of hats onto the ice when a home team player scored three goals in the game and completed a hat-trick was clearly considered a priority. rice field. Naturally, to help spectators act more realistically by reacting to the ebb and flow of the game, cheering when the home team dominates play, and letting the boos pour in. Some effort has been made. They feel that the team they support has not lived up to their expectations.

Be A Pro & HUT

These two modes have shown roughly the same level of neglect, so perhaps it’s worth grouping them together. NHL 23In Be a Pro, the charm that finding your way in the NHL as a created player has is definitely lost on someone who has already made that journey in one of the last two games in the series. From the grades that determine your worth during the game, to the empty conversations you have with your coach and fellow players, it’s clear how little resources and attention has been spent on the mode.

The card-collecting Hockey Ultimate Team mode suffered a similar fate, NHL 23 Without the benefit of new ways to play to deliver the kind of impact that HUT Rush delivered when it was introduced in bite-sized games a few years ago. The focus is on forming a team focused on the right combination of The addition of female international players adds much-needed diversity to the mix, but it’s not the game-changer the mode needs to attract those looking to innovate.


NHL 23 Review

would be easier to see NHL 23 Favorably if it was just a gameplay update NHL 22, but intentionally or not, as its own standalone release, it serves as a good argument for implementing a subscription model rather than sticking to an annual release cycle that produces something like this. Thanks to new animations and improved physics, everything that happens on ice is a little smoother, and the game’s improved AI immediately adds to the appeal of playing the franchise mode. World of Chel is still one of his best online sports experiences. Especially if you have friends to play with on your team. They inject some variety into the types of players you can create. Delayed or missing features such as cross-platform play, franchise strategy, and pre-game presentations have resulted in some major disappointments at launch. NHL 22 To NHL 23.