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The Zamboni ride-on toy is very popular with the children of staff.

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Carter Stamkos, Tampa Bay Lightning Captain’s Absolutely Adorable 2-Year-Old Son Stephen Stamkoscracks the entire media room at the 2022 NHL All-Star Game press conference Demands over and over to see or drive to Zamboni, I remember thinking one thing vividly. my kids will do the same.

Even though I’m a seasoned NHL player with two Stanley Cup titles, I spent the weekend in Las Vegas. It’s a rare opportunity to meet and interact with some of the best athletes on the planet.

That’s the life of a parent.

The good news for parents is that they don’t have to build an NHL roster. You don’t even have to leave your home to take your kids to Zamboni.

Zamboni and the NHL have partnered. Cool Cars Playground The first-ever vehicle Zamboni toy.As an employee with the youngest child [four, 8-and-under] — And some days I feel like I have the most kids on the entire Eastern Seaboard — I was assigned to test drive some of them and write about it.

video: Stephen StamkosSon Carter got his own Zamboni

This toy is for ages 3-6 and is targeted at my two boys. The only child Jenna is 8, Jake is her 6, Luke is her 3 and Christian is his 1.

This ride-on toy is packed with fun features like a working headlight, USB and SD card ports, a Bluetooth speaker for tunes, and storage compartments. [where they can keep whatever they want but in the case of my kids probably half-eaten crackers]But what they liked most were the horns that were replicated exactly like the real Zamboni horns.

After our first ride, Jake said, “This is great.” If you know Jake, you know it’s the best compliment he’s ever given: a free giant ice cream sundae or his $50 million Powerball jack. The words “I like this”, such as pot, are about the same as what you get from your child.

Luke is still a little young to be interviewed, but he didn’t want to get off the toy for quite some time, so that speaks for itself. It’s a pretty comfortable fit. She then rode back up the concrete path to the mailbox, retrieving various packages that seldom come to our house.

Another important thing parents should know is rechargeable batteries. And not one of those weird, gigantic removable batteries that you have to remove from your toy in order to attach a charger that only seems to fit into a Roman outlet. It fits right into the wall and goes into the side of the Zamboni, like charging a cell phone. Super easy.

All in all, a solid toy and a lot of fun. They were outside in the garden and away from the device until Luke’s bedtime. And it’s a win in my household.

As for Christian, once he masters all it takes to walk without falling, he gets the chance to go for a ride.