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This new plant-based nutrition textbook is aimed at educating medical professionals

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A new evidence-based textbook for health professionals advocates the role of plant-based nutrition not only in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases, but also in overall health.

Intended for students and qualified medical professionals, Plant-based nutrition in the clinical setting It fills in knowledge gaps identified by co-editor Dr. Shireen Kassam, university lecturer, hematologist, and founder of Plant-Based Health Professionals.

“I hope this book will be a game changer within the medical curriculum in the UK and beyond,” she said. botanical news“Plant-based nutrition is not only beneficial to individual health, it is essential to addressing climate and ecological crises.”

“Until now, this topic has not been widely taught in universities and medical schools. It is my hope that this book will serve as a guide for all practical medical professionals.”

This book is an evidence-based reference resource that provides advice on the uses, benefits, and “practical applications” of integrating plant-based diets into clinical practice. It also focuses on the growing popularity of lifestyle medicine.

Professional and personal motives clash

Kassam, a consultant hematologist at King’s College Hospital in London, adopted a plant-based diet in 2013. This decision positively impacted her health and led to her personal research into the science behind the benefits of her vegan lifestyle. From here, she continued to discover the benefits of plant-based nutrition as an active lifestyle intervention.

Kassam is now certified as a Lifestyle Doctor in addition to his Hematology role. This experience is reflected by her sister and co-editor, Dr. Zahra Kassam, an oncologist and lifestyle physician. The two were joined by a third co-editor, Lisa Simon, who is a registered dietitian.

When Kassam was invited to design a CPD certification course at the University of Winchester, the need for comprehensive professional resources to support plant-based diets as a tool for health professionals became apparent. “Plant-Based Nutrition. A Sustainable Diet for Optimal Health,” she has been running for three years.

“It has been hugely successful and popular as more health professionals recognize the benefits of using plant-based nutrition in clinical practice as an adjunct to conventional pharmaceutical treatments,” Kassam said in a statement. says.

“In running this course, we realized that there is no ideal companion textbook or suitable textbook for inclusion in other healthcare courses on the role of plant-based nutrition in clinical settings.”

Food systems as drivers of health and the climate crisis

Kassam’s book, which addresses the current food system, links the climate crisis to an increasing health problem for the world’s population. We also provide quantifiable research supporting a plant-based diet as a solution to both.

The food system relies heavily on animal husbandry. However, meat and dairy production is environmentally destructive. Additionally, consumption of such products may have adverse health effects.

Climate experts recommend a broad shift away from animal foods. They warn that without a shift to mainstream vegetarianism, we are headed for “global suicide.”

This is due to the high emissions associated with meat and dairy production. For these reasons, it is unlikely that he will be able to limit global warming to 1.5°C like the Paris Agreement. Animal husbandry, which accounts for at least 14.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions, is particularly harmful due to the amount of methane it produces.

Emissions of methane, which can warm the planet much more efficiently than carbon, are a priority for the United Nations. That is why we are calling for a 45% reduction by 2030.

Effects of meat on health

Animal foods have also been criticized for their health effects.

Studies show that red and processed meats are associated with an increased risk of heart disease and an increased chance of certain cancers. A study of the effects of dairy products on individual health revealed similar results. Studies have shown that cancer, diabetes, and Crohn’s disease are more likely to occur in people who regularly consume animal products.

Kassam made headlines earlier this year. She claimed the NHS could save her more than £30 billion if Britain went vegan. Using her new research paper from Taiwan, she demonstrated that vegetarians need less medical intervention. Furthermore, they do not suffer from serious illnesses more often than meat eaters.

Kassam then said. Metro: “The climate crisis is really a health crisis and the two cannot be separated.”

Her new book offers fellow physicians an opportunity to start talking about a plant-based diet early in their care program.

Plant-based nutrition in the clinical setting It is currently available in print and ebook variants. If you are interested, you can see it here.

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