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TWC NHL Power Rankings 2022–23: Week 2

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Week 2 of TWC’s NHL Power Rankings is typically an exciting week, with a small sample game in Week 1 setting the stage for major changes in the rankings. This year did not disappoint. Teams moved up and down up to 18 positions on the leaderboard.

TWC Power Rankings Explained

If you’re unfamiliar with our power rankings, this is how it all works.

Here at TWC, we use statistical models to effectively rank teams by week. The model takes into account win percentage, CF%, SCF%, HDCF%, and SV%. Each statistical category is weighted and scored differently, giving each team its own TWC score to determine weekly rankings. This formula puts the most emphasis on win rate over other stats. All numbers are taken in all situations to incorporate the special teams into the fray.

Throughout last season, we received some excellent feedback from our readers on how this model could be improved going forward. , we’ve made the rankings better indicate which teams are riding hot streaks each week.

Don’t you love where your team is ranked? Unfortunately we don’t take any personal opinions, so they have to turn it around on the ice.

Do you have any suggestions for the TWC Power Rankings for next season? Leave us a comment and let us know. This week’s Power Rankings are as follows!

Week 2 NHL Power Rankings

Topping the rankings for the second week in a row is the Pittsburgh Penguins. His Week 2 record is 2–0–1, and while he is no longer undefeated, he has scored at least one point in every game this season.

The St. Louis Blues are in second place and are the only undefeated team to win all three games so far this year. Interestingly, they sit in the bottom third of the league in both his CF% and SCF%. But their perfect win percentage and his third-best save percentage clearly make up for it in Model’s eyes.

Third place this week is the Boston Bruins. Despite questions about core age and the impact of a major injury on the lineup going into the season, the Bruins got off to a strong start to the year, going 3–1–0 last week. They’re also one of the best in the league in terms of risky chance share that the model rewards.

Next, Dallas moved up four places to fourth after scoring five of six points this week. Jake Ettinger led the way by saving more goals than expected, resulting in the Stars having the best team save percentage in the league. They are not as impressive as the previous team and cannot move up in the rankings any further.

Fifth place goes to the Calgary Flames, who have two wins over the past week against the Carolina Hurricanes and the Vegas Golden Knights. Buffalo he did well enough to finish in the top five despite losing to the Sabers, coupled with solid numbers.

Outside the top five, there have been some big changes. The New Jersey Devils went 3–0–0 for him, moving him up 18 places to eighth, thanks to a league-best share of both chances and high-risk chances.

Similarly, the Ottawa Senators moved up 16 places after a week undefeated. The surge in senators is all the more impressive given that they climbed the rankings despite below-average goaltending.

Conversely, the Winnipeg Jets had a tough week, losing three games and dropping 15 spots to 25th overall. Other notable declines were the New York Islanders and Anaheim Ducks, both of whom struggled to start the year.

Historical 2022–23 Power Rankings

1st week

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