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Two Pet Nutrition Startups Selected for Accelerator Program

TOPEKA CAN — GO Topeka, an economic development group, recently announced that Plug and Play Topeka has selected two pet nutrition companies to participate in the fourth cohort of its animal health and agricultural technology promotion program. Kibus Petcare and Mighty Petz will join the accelerator along with 10 other startups.

Startups were selected by Cargill, Every, Hill’s Pet Nutrition and other partners in the accelerator program after a virtual pitch contest in September. Across various countries around the world, the selected startups represent innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), sustainable packaging, food safety and pet health.

Lindsay Lebahn, Program Manager, Plug and Play Topeka, said: “Because these startups have been handpicked by our partners, we are already contributing to fostering meaningful conversations that we hope will lead to partnerships and pilots that will help shape the future of the industry.” doing.”

Kibus Petcare's innovative kitchen robot device prepares fresh dog foodSource: Kivas Petcare

Kivas Pet Care We provide equipment to prepare fresh dog food. The company offers kitchen robotic devices that automatically prepare and cook complete, balanced formulas developed by veterinarians, containing natural ingredients and free of by-products.

Kibus offers three formulas: Chicken and Apple, Cod and Pumpkin, and Salmon and Rice, all of which are gently dehydrated in the cooker.

Mighty Pez We offer premium pet supplements and treats that are formulated with active ingredients. The company’s chewable supplements target specific health issues such as allergies and urinary tract problems, immunity, hip and joint health, skin and coat health. The company also offers supplements containing hemp, glucosamine, chondroitin, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, and other active ingredients.

Mighty Petz makes pet supplements and treats with active ingredientsSource: Mighty Petz

Kibus Petcare and Mighty Petz will join the accelerator along with 10 other startups.

  • based in israel biochip Developed a technology to detect the freshness of food with a sticker.
  • based in vancouver Everness We manufacture sustainable packaging using advances in materials science to create compostable and commercially scalable solutions.
  • Matrixspec provides hyperspectral imaging for various food processing industries.
  • based in london metal chemistry We use nanotechnology to create durable organic packaging to keep your food fresh.
  • based in Washington pet hub We provide a pet database and consumer membership services.
  • Singapore office Protenga We manufacture insect-based ingredients for use in the pet food, animal feed, and agricultural industries.
  • based in texas Precision livestock technology Use AI and machine vision to accelerate production, increase product quality, and improve overall animal health.
  • UK based SGMA We use the sol-gel process to develop sustainable coatings and advanced materials.
  • based in california sphinx We offer automatic wet feeders for pet food.
  • Based in Massachusetts Visit uses predictive visual analytics to deliver AI-powered branded software to help businesses grow their consumer base.

Leaders representing startups participate in a three-month program designed to propel their business forward.

Plug and Play Topeka strives to bring global innovation to the Midwest by providing business development opportunities and mentorship to global start-ups. Topeka is located in Kansas City’s Animal Health Corridor, home to the largest concentration of animal health and pet nutrition companies in the world.

Currently, there are over 300 animal health companies between Manhattan, Kansas and Columbia, Missouri, representing 56% of the world’s animal health, diagnostics and pet food products, with annual sales of approximately $21.5 billion. go up to

Stephanie Moran, senior vice president of innovation at GO Topeka, said: “By finding new ways to support animal health and agriculture, we can support the economy of Kansas, the Midwest, and the United States at large. is essential.”

So far, 41 startups have graduated from the Plug and Play Topeka accelerator program.

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