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Unilever sets new benchmark for healthy nutrition

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Unilever today announced that it will be the first global Foods company to publicly report the performance of its product portfolio against at least six different government-endorsed Nutrient Profile Models (NPM) as well as its own Highest Nutritional Standards (HNS).

Unilever will publish the assessment on an annual basis both globally and for 16 key strategic markets and will report its performance both by volume of product and by sales revenue. Its first report will be published by October 2022.

The move comes following extensive, constructive engagement with ShareAction and the Healthy Markets Initiative.

Unilever will also continue to set stretching nutrition targets for its portfolio, as part of its Future Foods commitmentsThis includes time-bound targets for plant-based sales, reducing salt, sugar and calories, and increasing sales of healthier “positive nutrition” products.

Unilever has renewed and strengthened certain targets that expire at the end of 2022, looking at both HNS and at least six different NPMs to sell healthier products in a way that maximizes their positive impact on the world. Determine which is the most scalable target benchmark for increasing consumer health.

Unilever’s new goals and its updated future food commitments are expected to be published by October 2022. Among other things, Unilever will be guided by the latest Access to Nutrition Initiative assessments and recommendations when considering improvements to its strategy.

Unilever will continue to engage with ShareAction and Healthy Markets Initiative investors as these initiatives are being developed and implemented towards the 2024 AGM.

Haneke Farber, Unilever’s President of Food and Refreshments, said: We share a common belief that it is important to have ambitious long-term strategies for nutrition and health and that companies should publicly disclose ambitious targets to achieve. We believe this new initiative will set a new standard for nutrition transparency in the industry and accelerate positive public health impact. “

ShareAction CEO Catherine Howarth said: Responsible investors want such companies to step up. We welcome Unilever’s new initiatives. Our promised transparency sets new standards in the industry. We hope and expect others to follow suit. ShareAction and the Healthy Markets Investor Coalition look forward to working closely with Unilever as it sets new goals to market healthier food and improve people’s health. “

A request filed by Share Action on behalf of many investors for a resolution on nutrition at Unilever’s 2022 AGM has been withdrawn.