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UW–Madison's White, part of Wilkerson's Panel Investigating Censorship in Education

October 13, 2022

Media coverage of attempts to pass educational gag orders and ban books containing “divisive concepts” is now surprisingly common, and such efforts may continue beyond 2023. is high.

UW-Madison’s Ashley White and Kimber Wilkerson join us for a panel discussion on this important topic on Tuesday, October 25th at 12pm CST.

Sponsored by the American Association of Colleges and Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE), the virtual event is titled “The State of Educational Censorship in Higher Education and its Impact on the Field.” A preview of the discussion notes states, “Educational censorship harms learners’ development and critical thinking, and poses a growing threat to First Amendment rights.”

This webinar will feature key findings and insights from AACTE’s report authored by White entitled “The State of Educational Censorship in Higher Education and Its Impact on the Field.”

The event preview has the following added:

The webinar will be moderated by Lynn M. Gangone, President and CEO of AACTE, and will include panelists White and Wilkerson.

White is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education (RPSE) in the School of Education and an Equitable Access and Opportunity Fellow of the National Association for the Advancement of Black People (NAACP). She considers the experiences of students and educators in P-20 educational settings, applicable federal laws and policies, and the associated socioeconomic impacts, with attention to historicized contexts and sociological structures. By doing so, I study the intersectionality of ethno-racial identities and disabilities across the educational continuum. of racing. Most recently, she authored her AACTE commissioned report on educational censorship.

Wilkerson is Associate Dean of Teacher Education in the School of Education and Professor of RPSE. She has extensive expertise in preparing teachers to work with students with disabilities and providing guidance to students with disabilities to improve long-term outcomes. She is currently funded by the Institute for Educational Sciences (IES) to develop and research her online community of virtual coaching and practice for local special educators. She also works with several high-needed Wisconsin school districts to direct residency programs funded by the Teacher Quality Partnership. Wilkerson recently focused on investigating strategies to address chronic shortages of special educators.She is a member of the AACTE Networked Improvement Community and former president of the Wisconsin Association of Teacher Education Colleges. .

The webinar preview explains: To address teacher shortages and diversification pipeline efforts. ”

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