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"We have to figure out how to get a winning culture here."

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David Tepper made the decision on Monday to sack Matt Rule as the team begins the 2022 season with a 1-4 record.

The Panthers owner told reporters late Monday that “it’s time” to sack Ruhr from head coaching duties after Sunday’s 37-15 loss to the 49ers.

“Yesterday we may have lost a little bit of intensity on the field unlike the first four games,” Tepper said.

With an 11-27 record (.289) during his tenure, Roulet became the first head coach in Panthers history to serve less than three seasons at the position. Rhule said that in 2020 he was hired by Tepper and given a hefty seven-year contract, ripping him out of the college ranks.

Tepper expressed frustration with the team’s inability to “get over the hump” under the rules. Monday’s sacking was the second decision Tepper made since buying the team in 2018. Longtime Panthers coach Ron Rivera was sacked by Tepper midway through the 2019 season.

“I think we have to figure out how to get a winning culture here that we haven’t had in a long time here,” said Tepper. “Like I said at one point, this team has never won two seasons in a row, so I don’t think there was really a culture of winning.”

Steve Wilkes will take over as interim head coach. The 53-year-old was hired defensively as his passing game coordinator/secondary as his coach before this season, and in 2018 he spent one season with the Cardinals before becoming head coach. I have experience.

Tepper said Wilkes will be considered for the open job depending on how the rest of the season goes.

“I think we always expect to win and try to find a way to win,” he said. “That will never change. Steve knows the team well and I know I trust him. Let’s see how it goes.”

The Carolina roster is not starved of talent. This contributes to Tepper’s belief that the team can win now. He had the first overall pick in the draft.

NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero reported Monday that the Panthers are not in trade talks with any team, including the Bills, this season after reports about the star’s running back surfaced.The NFL’s trade deadline is November. One day.

While acknowledging possible trade speculation and what could come with next year’s draft, Tepper stressed that winning remains the organization’s top priority.

“You can’t go in and win every day,” Tepper said. “There is no other way. You have to always try to win. You have to try to win for the players and for the fans.”

“Yes, I understand draft picks and getting quarterbacks and things like that, and I understand the importance of quarterbacks in this league, but you have to try to win all the time.”

A full rebuild didn’t seem to be Tepper’s concern on Monday, but the Panthers’ owner made it clear the franchise needs to achieve a winning culture. We don’t know, but Tepper made it clear what kind of progress he’d like to see for his team.

“We’re winning,” Tepper said. “We’ve won more this year than last year. It looks like we won more than last year. It looks like we’re winning more than last year. By definition, I don’t think we are. We started this year with 1-4. They have won five in the last two seasons, but have not been otherwise successful in other seasons.