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Week 2 NHL Power Rankings: Where Kraken Stands After A Rough Homestand

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Here are the NHL Power Rankings for Week 2 going into Friday’s game (previous rankings in parentheses):

1. (2) Carolina Hurricanes, 3-1-0 record

They messed around with opponents, including Kraken, on the Climate Pledge Arena until they lost to the Oilers on Thursday night. Still the best NHL team on offense and especially defense.

2. (7) Calgary Flames, 3-1-0

Newcomers Nazem Kadri, Jonathan Huberdeau and Mackenzie Wieger scored 12 points in four games. I managed to lose to Buffalo.

3. (3) Florida Panthers, 3-1-0

Lost to a hot Bruins team. Beat an undefeated flyer—wait, what? — but also lost outstanding defenseman Aaron Ekblad indefinitely.

4. (4) New York Rangers, 3-1-1

It’s not just struggling goalkeeper Igor Shestakin. Former No. 1 Alexis Lafrenière and No. 2 Kaapo Kakko scored 3 goals and 5 points. Lost to San Jose?

5. (1) Colorado Avalanche, 2-1-1

Having captain Gabriel Landskog sit out 12 weeks with knee surgery after missing training camp will be a blow to an already faltering team.

6. (11) Boston Bruins, 3-1-0

Despite losing a goal to Ottawa, new coach Jim Montgomery made a strong start without Brad Marchand and Charlie McAvoy.

7. (12) Pittsburgh Penguins, 3-0-1

Old Bruins aren’t the only ones getting things done. Evgeny Malkin, Sidney Crosby held up reading glasses and a set of his AARP cards.

8. (6) Toronto Maple Leafs, 3-2-0

It’s a little early to call in Ouston Matthews, Mitch Marner, and friends, but coach Sheldon Keef can read his own Las Vegas odds and feels he’s probably too late.

9. (10) St. Louis Blues, 2-0-0

Goalkeeper Jordan Binnington allowed just five goals on 60 shots, including stopping 32 of 35 shots against the Kraken.

10, (13) Vegas Golden Knights, 4-1-0

We landed at 4:30am on match day and routed a weary Kraken team that had lost to the Flames. But it does help in goaltending as it shuts out the Jets.

11. (5) Tampa Bay Lightning, 1-3-0

Ondrej Palat, letting go of Ryan McDonagh, may have played too much of a bridge in his annual quest to avoid salary cap hell.

12. (16) Dallas Stars, 3-0-1

Jake Ettinger has a .966 save percentage and Tyler Seguin is back to his old self to help new coach Pete DeVore look like a genius.

13. (8) Edmonton Oilers, 2-2-0

Former Toronto goaltender Jack Campbell is in form for the Maple Leafs’ opening round playoffs. But beating Carolina on Thursday night served as a reminder of what an underperforming team can do.

14. (9) Minnesota Wild, 1-3-0

An early quote from Mats Zuccarello on Candidate of the Year: [expletive] junior team. ”

15. (15) New York Islanders, 2-2-0

In two wins at home, they beat the Ducks and Sharks 12-3 and scored three goals from mid-six forward Oliver Wallstrom. He then saved Lindy Ruff’s job by folding against the Devils.

16. (21) Buffalo Sabers, 3-1-0

Goalkeeper Eric Comrie contributed to the win in Edmonton despite a 23-5 loss in the third period. Did you win in Calgary? uh what happened?

17. (20) Los Angeles Kings, 3-3-0

Three consecutive one-goal road wins before being beaten by the Penguins on Thursday allowed people to forget about shaky goaltending.

18. (25) Detroit Red Wings, 2-0-1

Free agent signer David Peron has already scored three goals and one assist and has the momentum needed to rebuild.

19. (24) Winnipeg Jets 2-2-0

Marc Scheifel’s three goals in the first three games were a welcome sign, including a victory over Colorado. Vegas then routed them.

20. (27) Philadelphia Flyers, 3-1-0

Losing 2-0 makes them the most dangerous team in the NHL. Overcoming that deficit, he won two in a row, then drew Florida in the third game before finally suffering his first loss of the season.

21. (19) Washington Capitals, 2-3-0

Accumulating injuries. After barely beating Montreal at his home, it took four goals and a third-period run to beat the lead-blowing Canucks. Hmm.

22. (23) Ottawa Senator, 2-2-0

Two wins in a row to avoid going off the early cliff to an improved season. Shane, who has returned from a shoulder injury, has scored three goals in his last three games.

23. (29) Montreal Canadiens, 3-2-0

Not even the worst team in Canada. If this smoke and mirrors keep working, a high performing bunch of Martin St. Louis can say goodbye to Connor Bedard.

24. (17) Seattle Kraken, 1-2-2

A white surrender flag was the only ceremonial rally color hoisted at the Climate Pledge until Dave Huxtle’s group scored the only point against St. Louis in a three-game homestand.

25. (26) New Jersey Devils, 2-2-0

The Lindy Ruff Watch was put on hold for another week after their big win over the Islanders. They create a lot of scoring chances, but all top 10 draft picks need to start getting the puck into the net.

26. (14) Nashville Predators, 2-3-1

You can’t beat anyone but San Jose, you can’t beat North America. Bad penalties blew the multi-goal lead at home to the Kings and their fourth consecutive loss to Columbus.

27. (28) Columbus Blue Jacket, 2-3-0

Not to mention four goals in the third period with the Predators, he took a break from his schedule. Patrick Laing’s injury looms, despite Jonny Gaudreau scoring his six goals in his five games.

28. (18) Vancouver Canucks, 0-3-2

Kraken wins at home, defending the lead. First team in NHL history to blow a multi-goal advantage in their first four games.

29. (30) Chicago Blackhawks, 1-2-0

Killing sharks doesn’t really count. But hey, they’re about to lose, so I’m sure they’ll take it. Or will they come back victorious? very confusing.

30. (22) Anaheim Ducks, 1-3-0

Since their impressive first victory over Kraken, they’ve gone 17-7 on a three-game losing streak. I don’t know if that’s bad for the Kraken or bad for them.

31. (32) Arizona Coyotes, 1-3-0

A win over the Maple Leafs wouldn’t have made it into the playoffs either. I don’t really care why or how, but it’s fun to watch college peers beat hockey’s most annoying team.

32. (31) San Jose Sharks, 1-5-0

I managed to beat the Rangers of all teams in Thursday’s OT. But they’re still terrible and seem ready to race the Coyotes for Conor Bedard.