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Why My Songs Depict Other Aspects of Culture and Lifestyle – CEF

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Chukwuka Echefu Fortune is a Nigerian born artist whose songs express comfort and reflect their lifestyle and standard of living. In this interview with Ikenna Okonkwo, his CEF, affectionately known as CEF, discusses his musical direction, Nigeria and other issues.


Talk about Jideofor and more

CEF’s new album Jideofor is easy on the ears but heavy on the heart. Animal farms are an African reality. Especially this is the reality in Nigeria, where pigs are leaders, dogs are power, and we destroy ourselves by eating more than anyone else.

Animal Farm is inspired by George Orwell’s book of the same name.

I respect Dike Chukwumerije, so no one else understood the idea of ​​this song. It also came from a place of understanding that we are part of those animals and that we are to blame… If you listen to Chuk Emelie, he doesn’t just point to people. He is introspective and looks deep inside. He was painting real estate in Nigeria. So when we had the chance to create, he was the perfect person for this. That’s our reality, so we didn’t have to think too much.

Nature is the perfect teacher. Trees are rooted. It grows, expands, has branches and fruits. I am very wart. For me, it is important to be rooted in cultural heritage. I don’t speak Igbo very well as long as I’m somehow lost. Culture is so powerful that we are doing nothing in terms of exploring beauty, sound, melody, rhythm, spirituality, and our true nature. culture. We are always looking for something other than ourselves. And for Genti Music, part of our mantra is to go back to our roots. It’s like taking a branch and trying to make it a stand-on floor. We are very wart boys. Perhaps not in language, but in mind. It is important for us to understand where we come from while representing our culture and interacting with the world.

I once had a conversation with Sadimasu Nuwoko.Once you realize who you are, you can go to the world. You don’t have to change your ID all the time. When you find yourself, you bring that identity into the world, and the world is interested in your originality. Music is about rooting, finding more, digging deeper. Dig when you want to build. The deeper you dig, the harder the foundation. This is just the beginning. we haven’t looked into anything. More warts about this.

wear white

I wear white because it teaches me patience. It teaches consistency. It tells me not to care, but it also tells me to care. It’s very obvious, just like when it gets dirty white. It’s a constant reminder of my weaknesses, my shape, who I am, and the fact that no amount of dry cleaners can keep me clean. Cleaning up, checking yourself is a constant reminder. White is a mental reminder to check yourself.

Challenges encountered in creating this set of work

Finding a team of people who understand a vision and can create it is challenging even from a creative space because there is no individualism here. I didn’t play all the instruments. All of these small contributions have produced this work. This is a community project and that’s what made it really easy. it was all of us. And that’s what made raising kids easier in the past. This was a community project. I am only one person who contributed to the project. What made it less difficult was that the team of people who believed in the idea came together to create this project.

When can we expect the video album?

we never want to say But our style and what we care about to create a live experience. I have a live video. It was the experience of the 60’s and 70’s that we seek to explore.

The caveman is my brother with whom we work and do something. But that’s what the Spirit leads. But we are definitely open to collaboration. That’s how you build things. We already have something off the coast, just like the caveman is my brother, and I know it will be very powerful. I want to come from a place The two you named cavemen are very inspiring. I got my first guitar after hearing about it. Caveman is literally my brother.

Like the guitar and piano, it is a traditional instrument in the West. Identity is important to us. We need to be able to return to our roots. I gave a concert in Brazil a few years ago and saw “Udu” in an advertisement for a music store. A very small one that is rarely seen here anymore. Used in some places like Mbaise. But Brazilians have taken up our instruments and explored their higher potential. In India, percussion companies have taken this instrument to a level above and beyond what we have here. This is our pride and our legacy for generations to come. We have to be able to pick up those tools and start infusing them into our daily lives.

For us, some of the things we want to be able to do are get traditional instruments that are no longer played. We want to make this happen. When we collectively start doing these things, we begin to regain our identities. And we continue our journey to explore and digitize this. That’s what we do and we will continue on that path.

Afrobeat is still an alternative music for American rock listeners. What we do is no small thing. The fact that ships aren’t sailing your seas doesn’t mean you’re small. This is not an alternative. Or maybe so, but we are not small. We put our lives and energies into it and continue to build it. I don’t equate Genty with alternative music. Genty is what it is. We don’t mean to take what we do. Many people are already doing the same as we are, but they may not be doing it exactly the same way. What we do is direct ships to come and sail in our oceans.As artists, we discover rather than actually create. And sometimes we find lost things. We found this trail, removed the grass, and asked people to come there.

stay true to yourself

It’s all about calls. I believe that we are all on different paths in life. For us, shaping our cultural and spiritual consciousness is one of them. We are keen on getting back to our roots. When there is longing deep within one’s core and soul, it often leads to frustration only if one wishes to deny or pretend. For us, it’s not really about being famous or being an entertainer. Responsibility weighs heavily on our minds. It’s a burden, but it’s not a yoke you can’t bear. It’s like having children. Every morning when I wake up and see that child, I am reminded that I have a responsibility. I realize that I have to go out and work.

How Marriage and Family Influenced His Technique

Family can teach you a lot. It teaches you responsibility. teaches wisdom. Family is key. it’s a responsibility. It is a yoke that you can carry, but it is not a burden. My family has taught me how to be responsible and introspective. Because you start to realize that if I make my life better, my family will be better. The better I form my family, the better my community. Form that small community and the country will be better. That is the effect of family. Gidefor will tell you.

I will be on tour soon, starting here in Abuja at the end of October. Based in Abuja, I would like to expand to the world.

Upcoming elections

I have an interesting perspective on politics and democracy. That whole religious idea of ​​always asking for a Messiah to come from somewhere and change everything. Politics is more than that. Because change starts from within. In summary, if you’re looking to live a better life, start from the inside. If you want a solution from this person. Or this person will come and change Nigeria. Nigeria is too big for one man to come and change overnight. Furthermore, history shows that people constantly complain about those in power, even though he arrived like a savior before he did.

This is the same story as Christ. He came as a savior and the same people he was trying to save killed him.

In the upcoming elections, I advise Nigerians to make their own best candidates. Vote for Responsibility, Vote for Jideofor. Vote jideofor for yourself. Then if we’re going to have a good leader, he’ll know he can’t mess with people who know where he’s going. Anyone can deceive you if you are ignorant, ungrounded, or unaware of your spiritual meaning.