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Why San Diego Was an Attractive Place for No.1 Swiatek

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World No. 1 Iga Swiertek could have been forgiven had he opted out of the San Diego Open this week. The 21-year-old put up a grueling and emotional effort at her AGEL Open in Ostrava last weekend, earning her eighth final appearance of the tour-leading season and a former world ranking of No. She was narrowly defeated by Barbora Krejcikova.

However, withdrawing from San Diego never crossed Swiatek’s mind.

“I’ve played two very long games, but physically I’m feeling pretty good,” Swirtek told reporters in San Diego, where he’s scheduled to play his first match on Thursday. I mean I feel more fresh now because I’ve had more time for , so I knew that by going to Ostrava, I could give it my all and give it my all.”

“It’s not that bad. Jet lag is ‘okay’, it’s coming this way.”

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San Diego will be Swiatek’s final regular season tournament. After the tournament, she will stay in the United States to practice and train for the WTA Finals in Fort Worth, Texas on October 31.

“We have to play more matches before the WTA Finals, so it makes sense,” Swiatek said. right.

“So it certainly made sense to be here. I thought.”

“Winning makes me feel so positive that it makes me even more fresh. I don’t waste my energy and time trying to get back into this positive mindset.”

Swiatek holds the tour record for most wins in Ostrava with 60 wins, becoming the first player since 2017 to do so. She won her seven titles, including the French Open and the US Open, and the world No. 1 felt the wear and tear of an incredible season.

it’s not.

“Honestly, I feel really good. Oddly enough, I thought my motivation would drop after too many games, or I won too many games and I wouldn’t be able to hit my next goal. was,” Swirtek said.

“But honestly, it’s the other way around. Winning really keeps me positive, so I feel even more fresh. I don’t waste energy and time trying to get back into this positive mindset. I feel like I can do my job. I feel great on the court and playing.”

Being self-motivated means avoiding the need for clear goals to stay motivated. You don’t need a carrot to track Swiatek. Her motivation comes purely from within. As a result, her mind and body are fresh when she finishes the season.

“I don’t even feel like I need a goal right now because I really enjoy being on the court and competing,” Swiertek said. “So I’m just doing it. I’m not over-analyzing. I was analyzing everything last year, so I think that’s pretty cool. I was really nervous before the WTA Finals. So this time We do it in a slightly different way.”

“I still think it’s pretty weird that I won the US Open. Sometimes it hits me out of nowhere and I think that’s cool.”

Swiatek will start the tournament against No.28 Zheng Qinwen on Thursday.

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