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Wisconsin Special Education Fund will not reimburse full school fees

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For more than a decade, Wisconsin’s funding for special education services has covered less than one-third of its costs, requiring school districts to draw from general aid to cover the rest.

With new tools and reports from the Education Law Center, a New Jersey-based nonprofit, residents can see how much their school district is spending on special education and how much the state is short of funding. can now be checked. .

The report says Gov. Tony Evers, who has called for more funding for special education, faces an election challenge from Tim Michels, who criticized Evers’ plan to spend more money on public education. It was announced a week ago.

Mary McKillip, a senior fellow at the Center for Education Law and a co-author of the report, said her team had reached out because advocates for public schools in Wisconsin made the issue a priority and asked the center to look into the details. decided to look into this matter. This research was funded by a WK Kellogg Foundation grant.