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XRHealth and HTC Launch First Recreational Therapy Virtual Reality Platform

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New solution combining XRHealth software with HTC’s VIVE Flow glasses for patients undergoing procedures such as chemotherapy, surgery, MRI, insulin shots, childbirth and burns

Boston, October 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — XRHealth, the leading healthcare metaverse platform, and HTC VIVE, the global leader in premium virtual reality (VR), today announced a new distraction therapy virtual reality platform that enhances the patient experience during medical procedures that cause pain and anxiety. This new solution combines XRHealth software with HTC’s VIVE Flow glasses to help people undergo difficult medical procedures such as chemotherapy, surgery, MRIs, insulin administration, and painful processes such as childbirth, burns, and trauma. Designed to distract patients and reduce pain and anxiety while others.

Virtual reality distraction therapy transports patients into a virtual world and guides them through meditations and other exercises that imbue them with skills to minimize pain and anxiety. Just recently, PLOS One announced a clinical trial-based XRHealth platform study. This indicates that virtual reality therapy may serve as an effective adjunct to surgical anesthesia. The study was conducted using XRHealth’s immersive virtual reality software and was administered by physicians at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The study demonstrated that virtual reality therapy successfully distracted patients from the procedure and reduced the risk of oversedation without compromising the patient’s experience.

“Recreational therapy allows patients to have a positive experience during painful medical procedures, without having to be sedated with extra medications that sometimes lengthen the recovery process,” he says. Elan Orr, CEO of XRHealth. “The immersive virtual environment takes patients out of the pain of their current experience and transports them into a digital world that provides comfort and peace of mind.”

The VIVE Flow form factor offers lightweight portability, allowing patients to comfortably and easily use the glasses during multiple types of medical procedures. XRHealth software enables treating clinicians to see what their patients are experiencing and communicate with them without interruption in a digitally immersive experience. The distraction therapy solution offers seamless patient setup and easy integration with hospitals and clinics.

“VIVE Flow is designed to be comfortable and lightweight, and the hardware fades into the background, allowing people to fully immerse themselves in the magic of VR.” Cher One, co-founder and chairman of HTC. “Combined with XR Health’s breakthrough platform, we are poised to usher in a new era of effective and convenient VR treatments that help patients manage their pain, anxiety and more.”

XRHealth software is FDA and CE registered and is used in hospitals around the world, including Sheba Medical Center, VA St. Louis Healthcare System and more. Clinicians can control, view, and receive real-time data updates while a patient is using the software, allowing them to constantly monitor the user during the procedure.

About XRHealth

XRHealth is revolutionizing healthcare and bringing patient care to the metaverse. The company utilizes proprietary FDA and CE registered medical augmented reality (XR) technology (virtual and augmented reality) to operate state-of-the-art therapeutic care virtual rooms. XRHealth integrates immersive XR technology, licensed clinicians, and advanced data analytics into his one platform to deliver a comprehensive therapeutic care solution that allows patients to be treated in the comfort of their own home. . The company offers a variety of patent-pending solutions ranging from rehabilitation services to cognitive assessment, training and pain management. XRHealth works with world-renowned U.S. healthcare providers, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. XRHealth was founded in his 2016 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with an R&D center in Tel Aviv. Israel. For more information, see:

About HTC

HTC VIVE is the premier virtual reality (VR) platform and ecosystem that delivers lifelike VR experiences to businesses and consumers. The VIVE ecosystem is built around premium VR hardware, software and content. The VIVE business includes his XR hardware, which is best in class. VIVEPORT Platform and App Store. His VIVE enterprise solutions for business customers. VIVE X, a $100 million VR business accelerator. VIVE ARTS for cultural initiatives. For more information, see:

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